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A few hours in Tokyo with the X-Pro1. Guest post by Andrew Hall

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A few hours in Tokyo at the end of a Motorsport assignment at the iconic Mt Fuji Speedway gave me a chance to capture images of a small part of this vibrant city using the FUJIFILM X-Pro1.

untitled 0213 resized 600Colourful Messages.  ISO 250 60mm F.7.1@ 1/1250sec

Those familiar with my Paris blog from earlier this year would already know that I consider the X-Pro1 to be the most versatile camera that I have ever used.  With cutting edge sensor technology combined with class leading lens quality all in a beautifully built retro styled body, the X-Pro 1 is simply brilliant.  

The X-Pro1 has made me even more enthusiastic about my photography by enabling me to capture images in conditions that would cause other cameras to struggle. From an intersection of Neon covered buildings at night to a dimly lit underground train station the high ISO capabilities of the X-Pro 1 made it easy to capture unique images with the freedom of using the camera hand held without a tripod.

Andrew Hall, Fujifilm Australia, X-Pro1Neon Night ISO 4000  18mm  F.2.8@ 1/160sec.

I arrived in Tokyo in the afternoon and set out to explore with the X-Pro1 and the 18mm, 35mm and 60mm lenses.

A visit to Tokyo Sky tower, a large spire with a viewing platform on top, was on the list but with a line stretching around the corner and a 2 hour wait a trip to the top would have to wait for next time! The 18mm lens allowed me to capture the tower against the skyline and I was using my favourite Black & White film simulation mode as usual! I always shoot RAW plus Jpeg files so I have the RAW file in colour if I decide to use it later on.  

Tokyo SkyTower, Andrew Hall, X-Pro1, Fujifilm AustraliaSkytower ISO  200 18mm  F4.0@ 1/1800sec.

After a trip to the Ginza shopping district and a Pizza meal at a Japanese/Italian restaurant I braved the somewhat confusing metro train system to take in some of the Neon clad buildings in the centre of town. Using 4000 ISO I was able to capture the Neon and any other available light from the surrounding scenes easily and the images were amazingly low noise. I could have gone to 6400 ISO but the F 2.0 aperture of the 18mm lens meant that I didn’t have to! The Fujinon lenses that are standard on the X-Pro1 are just so sharp even when shot wide open at F2.0 or even F 1.4 on the 35mm lens.

Tokyo, X-Pro1, Fujfilm Australia, Andrew HallBehind the Line ISO 1600  60mm F4.0@ 1/60sec.  

The next morning I had a few hours to explore some more before I had to catch my flight home. A trip to the national gardens was great as was the discovery of a small temple and shrine hidden amongst the high-rise and bustle of the city. I spent quite a bit of time in the simple graveyard and utilized all three lenses in an attempt to capture the tranquility and reverence of a small oasis in the middle of chaos.

Andrew Hall, Tokyo, X-Pro1, Fujifilm AustraliaTranquility in the City. ISO 200  18mm  F3.6@ 1/850sec.

I know that the small amount of time that I spent in Tokyo barely scratched the surface of a city that provided photographic opportunities everywhere you looked! I must go back and bring the X-Pro1 with me and together we can continue the story.

Fujifilm Australia, Andrew Hall, Tokyo, X-Pro1Garden rest stop. ISO 250  60mm  F5.0@ 1/125sec.

Fujifilm Australia, X-Pro1, Andrew Hall, Tokyo photoblogStay in the Lane. ISO 200  60mm  F7.1@ 1/500sec.


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