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FujiVISION Digital Signage Australia News & Blog

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How Fujifilm Australia Developed a Unique Digital Signage Solution for Vodafone Australia

The Fujivision digital signage solution developed exclusively by Fujifilm Australia for mobile network operator Vodafone is completely unique to any other solution worldwide. The cloud-based solution...Read more

Vodafone Hutchison Australia implements Samsung Smart Signage Platform powered by Signagelive

Signagelive’s cloud-based technology offers significantly reduced installation, operational and energy costs compared to conventional digital signage solutions. FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd, has...Read more

Think Interactive When Creating Digital Signage Content for Users

Last month we discussed a few of the best types of content for in-store digital signs – video presentations, calendars, promotionals and more. While all of these options are great for retail...Read more

What Types of Content Should I Create for Digital Signage?

In-store shopping may still be popular in this digital age, but most of today's customers can't be sold solely with traditional marketing. To tell your brand's story and consistently market your...Read more

How to Embrace the Connected Consumer with Digital Signage

With online shopping transforming the way consumers make purchasing decisions and engage with brands, brick and mortar retailers are experiencing added pressure to drive customers in-store while...Read more

5 Considerations When Developing Digital Signage Content for Retail

Research shows digital signage has the ability to enhance the customer experience and drive business results: According to studies by Gesturetek, 48 percent of customers reported digital signage is...Read more

2 Ways In-Store Tablets Lead to Efficient Employees & Happy Customers

Tablet devices allow retailers to deliver powerful shopping experiences, from incorporating interactive displays along store windows to presenting timely and relevant product advertisements...Read more

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