What our people say

Firman Santoso

Application/Infrastructure Engineer - Digital Imaging

"It is a great fun and friendly environment"

I have worked at Fujifilm for five years in total (four years in NZ and a year in Australia) I moved to Fujifilm Australia in September 2007 as 'Minilab Tech' dealing with all range or Fujifilm Minilab equipment (Frontiers, DPC Kiosk, Stand alone printers). In July 2008 I was promoted to my current role of Application/infrastructure Engineer.

I have always had a passion to work for a technology/photographic company. This job itself allows me to learn more about the digital imaging world; and the advancement from analogue to digital technology.

The culture at Fujfilm is professional, there is wonderful team work and very supportive staff. It is a great fun and friendly environment and people the company create a great sense of acceptance.

I would recommend Fujifilm as employers because it is well-recognised international company that is dominant in the photography industry and has a good, bright future with great career opportunities.

Renee Donaghey

Area Business Manager - Digital Imaging

"People who work here are all very approachable, all the way to the CEO"

I have worked at FUJIFILM for four years. A year after I started, I was offered a sales support position which involved assisting the Area Business Mangers. This role exposed me to sales and before long I was taking telesales calls and looking after those customers that did not require a visit from a Business Manager - all the time with the assistance from the customer service team at Fuji.

After being in this role for approx six months, an Area Business Mangers position became available and Fujifilm offered me a trial in this role and I've now been in it for 2 1/2 years.

The culture of FUJIFILM is a fun, loving, happy, accepting one. They really do believe in the growth of the individual. The reason I like working at Fujifilm is due to the fact that the people who work here are all very approachable, all the way to the CEO. All team members will go out of their way to help you and the customer which makes all the difference to my position.

I am currently enjoying my role within Fuji as I have been given all the tools necessary to complete tasks to the best of my ability, which gives me a great sense of job satisfaction.

I would highly recommend FUJIFILM as an employer as you will never know where you will end up from whatever position you accept and you are guaranteed to be working with a great bunch of people.

Susan Crennan

Applications Specialist - Fuji Medical Systems

"I would recommend Fuji to anyone looking for a relaxed and friendly workplace."

I have been working at Fujifilm since May 2007 as an Applications Specialist in the Medical Division. As part of my role I travel nationwide training customers on how to best use our computed radiography products.

I enjoy travelling to parts of the country I would otherwise never see and although I spend little time in the office I still feel a part of the team and any support I may need is only a phone call away.

I generally find Fujifilm to be a relaxed place to work and the people all over the country very friendly and willing to help in any way - be it reorganising travel plans gone awry or simply going out for a drink in a strange town.

I would recommend Fuji to anyone looking for a relaxed and friendly workplace.

Tony Soldan

Senior Inventory Planner

"An innovative environment that constantly challenges"

It was one of those summer mornings when you would rather head to the beach than to work. It happened to be my first day at FUJIFILM and to make things harder I had a car accident on my way to work, not my fault, but enough to get you angry and late, the nuisance you don't need on your first day at work.

7½ years later I'm still at FUJIFILM ready to share the same support and friendliness I've received since I started, people here do take care of you when you need it the most. It is a family thing and it does not stop there.

FUJIFILM's innovative environment that constantly challenges you has been inspirational to me too. I have further developed my skills, I have taken on more responsibilities and as a result I've progressed into more senior role.

My recommendation...."so let me invite you to this creative company and the proven leader in photographic industry field, if you looking for challenges, fun and opportunities look nowhere else than..FUJIFILM!"