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Making Digital Signage Work For You

Fujivision is a digital signage solution from Fujifilm that allows you to display information on products & services in an interactive & targeted way. It does this through a centralised hosted network where data is pushed to sites and tailored to your National, State or Local requirements. Still images, video and RSS feeds can all be distributed to screens in a real-time environment. Information can also be day parted and delivered based on time of day.

"Digital signage is becoming a fast and effective way of getting your message across to your customers instantly"

Increase Sales:

Take advantage of those impulse purchase decisions made whilst your customer is in store. Fujifilm have the ability to create unique scripts and templates to deliver advertising, news, training or virtually any other visual communication. It allows you to stream graphics, data and video, to an entire network or to an individual screen in a network. Your company advertisements can be scheduled at different times of the day. Thus, offering a wide range of services to your targeted audience to influence purchase decisions.

Brand Awareness:

Attention grabbing visual media results in retail sales lift across all departments. Content can be dynamically changed to deliver a focused and timely message to your audience providing enhanced customer service. Include your Facebook, Twitter or RSS feeds along with the visual content.

Customer Service:

You can display training modules on any new product or service for your customers. Promote sale items at your Point of Sale. From menu boards, to corporate lobbies, to retail locations - digital signage offers a versatile solution to communicate a message to your audience.


The days of paper-based marketing are numbered. Relying on proofs to be approved and printing to be finalised and delivered seems almost archaic when the message is “here and now.” Digital Signage eliminates the need to print and distribute static signs each time a message or campaign changes saving on costly printing and distribution fees.

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