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Digital Signage Versus Traditional Advertising

You've been using traditional advertising for a number of years now but how do you know if it's actually working for you?  Are you engaging your customers to feel compelled to buy from you?

Think about've got a catalogue that you  issue every quarter.  It's dropped into the weekend newspapers and letterbox dropped into certain suburbs within your city.  Because of this the print run is 1,000,000 and is prepared with a 1 month lead time.  Products are chosen, artwork is sourced, copy is signed off, then proofs are issued.  Changes are then made and the cycle can and often does, start all over again.  Then of course you have the deadline so there is always the last minute rush to get it signed off and sent to the printers.....Only to be delivered to this!

No Junk MailTraditional advertising gets blocked.

Digital Signage allows you to bring your OOH advertising inside, therefore staying top of mind with your customers.  Static and often out of date catalogues can be replaced with flash, dynamic, educational and also entertaining Digital Signage.  Changes can be made on demand for your National, State or even Local based campaign.  Be the first to market with promotions and training sessions.

Fujifilm's Digital Signage solution allows you to be versatile – from menu boards in food outlets to sales offers in retail outlets, you really are only limited to your own imagination.

Fujivision allows you to take advantage of impulse purchases made in-store by presenting information on products and services in an interactive and targeted way.

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