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5 Ways To Personalise Your Digital Signage

Imagine being able to modify messages, change offers or even show training videos or infomercials, on the fly, at a National, State or even a Local level.  Fujifilms' Digital Signage solution (Fujivision) is a digital display and content solution which employs cloud-based technology to deliver marketing messages via electronic screens and because it's cloud-based, you can can update your message instantaneously.

Infomercials on Endcaps

1.  Schedule content to playback at an exact time or for a given time period

It's important to place digital signage at the right spots to create the best impact to increase sales. Do you have excess stock you'd like to push or do you want to try a spot special?  Try running a special on some products at lunch time to create significant sales lifts by product and category (15%+ is not uncommon)

2.  Compliment traditional media advertising

Fujivision gives you a new medium to communicate your messages to your customers that complements your traditional advertising channels. So, now you can get your messages across to your customers in all possible mediums giving your product/service more reach and traction.

3.  Deliver training videos, sales performance, safety information and other business-critical data to staff across all stores at scheduled time 

You have a new product release and your staff need training, this can be covered using the Fujivision system to ensure everyone is ready for your product launch. Digital Signage makes it easy for you to stream graphics, data and video, to an entire network or to individual screen in a network.

4.  Have the ability to create unique scripts and templates to deliver advertising, news, training or virtually any other visual communication.

Fujifilm can help you in generating various type of contents for your promotions and offers. We have a dedicated team of designers to help you in creating the content and playlist.  Fujivision also offers integration with social media like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and so on. It also allows you to create interaction with customers with QR codes.

5.  Content Generation
Now you can also plan the type of content to be displayed. For example, use 50% of the time to showcase core products,  35% of time for advertising (additional revenue) 10% for your branding and 5% for store specific content.
It's all about Content!  Education, Training, Advertising, Promotions, Sale're limited only by your own imagination and what makes Digital Signage so appealing is that it's all controlled from a centralised location, so the days of worrying about proofs, printing costs, deliveries and misplacing your marketing collateral are over.
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