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Digital Signage...What is the right option for my business?

When you think of Digital Signage, the first question that may strike you is the flexibility of the solution. Will I be able to scale to more screens in the future? Will the media player offer support for multiple channels?  Will it be cost effective? and so on...And, the answer is “YES” with Fujivision Digital Signage.

Fujivision can be offered as a single channel player or multi channel player. I will walk you through the benefits of both…

The single channel player is suited to any size business that requires up to 3 small format players and displays per location or prefers to run a wireless set up rather than cabled. Beyond 3 small format players it makes better financial sense to use a multi channel player.  This significantly reduces cost while giving you flexibility to scale in the future depending on your business requirements. You can further reduce cost with the wireless transmission options by cutting down on the cabling.

It runs HTML5 which offers you the capability to generate dynamic content from live databases such as electronic menu board, train or bus schedules etc. You can even source content from the web such as live news or weather information.

Fujivision allows you to connect to tablet or kiosk devices that can be used as end-caps to provide product information upon touch making user experience more interactive. You can set up multiple group levels such as National, State, Store or a Screen as per your business needs and update content accordingly in specific levels. Live streaming of video channels is also possible so that offering you the maximum content flexibility.


Multichannel Media Player

Multichannel Media Player

Multi channel players offer all the above benefits as well as being able to manage up to 6 HD video signals per player. Thus, lowers your hardware costs when dealing with large site locations requiring multiple channels and screens running content.

In addition to offering an excellent Digital Signage solution, Fujifilm can help you with the following:

  • Efficient Management of Multiple Digital Signage Players: We manage multiple digital signage players from one location on a National, State, local or screen level

  • Central Scheduling: All scheduling is managed centrally by Fujivision and day parting is available, so specific ads can run at specific times of the day

  • Content Creation: Fujifilm creates content by either repurposing your existing artwork or creates content from scratch

  • Internet Proofing: Online internet proofing tool allows you to view the content frame by frame and record changes

    Now that you know how flexible Fujivision is, don’t hesitate to: Contact Us for more information on how it can help in your business

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