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Content Is King when it comes to Digital Signage

Lets get excited about Content.  Let's make it visually appealing and dynamic, lets stand out from the crowd and produce something worth taking notice of.

I read an article earlier that said YouTube has hit 4 Billion video views per day - That's extraordinary, don't you think?

I also overheard someone in the office say the other day "I'd rather do my Google searches through YouTube as I don't have enough time to read, I'd much rather look through video content."

Think about your business.  Your trying to stand out from the crowd, trying to grab your customers attention, perhaps it's time to think about creating an amazing impression with Fujivision digital signage.  

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Digital signage provides an interactive and targeted route to market that can help influence your sales. Fujivision, by Fujifilm, is a turn-key digital signage solution that will take your retail chain into the 21st Century.  

Fujivision allows you to provide relevant information such as the local weather or news updates. You can also incorporate Quick Response (QR) codes to messages enabling customers to access specific product information or special offers direct to their smartphone.

You can instantly transform the look and feel of your operation to focus on:

Promoting time specific offers when you need to, across a National, State or store level

Running campaigns in conjunction with your traditional media advertising

Showing commercials or catalogue specials

Broadcasting training videos to sales staff after hours 

Fujifilm can offer a scalable solution that is tailored to your business so that costs are minimised and flexibility for expansion is available.

Being a leading imaging company that has deployed over 7000 kiosks we understand how embracing technology like digital signage can benefit our customers 

Do you have an idea that you'd like to promote?  Why don't you contact us for more information on how we can help get your ideas out there.


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