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Key Components to Creating Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a fast growing industry and it's easy to see why.  It allows you to effectively present information to customers on products, pricing and time-specific specials.  You can instantly update content on a National, State, Metro, Store or even individual screen level, whether you have 1 outlet or over 100 stores it's the most impactful channel to deliver training videos, sales performance, safety information and other business-critical data to staff across all stores at scheduled times 

There are 3 main components in Fujivision's Digital Signage solution: the digital display panel, the media player and of course the content. While the digital screen and media player are placed in-store, the content is pushed over the internet.


Digital Display Panels:

Fujifilm offers a wide range of commercial digital display panel options for customers such as LCD displays, LED displays, Touch screen displays, and video walls. We use Samsung commercial grade displays that are custom built for reliability and visual impact. These panels are installed in-store either wall or ceiling mounted depending on the your needs.


Media Players:

Fujivision media players are capable of playing up to 6 HD channels giving you the flexibility to deliver a variety of content according to your business needs. VGA and HDMI cables are used to connect the media player to digital display panels.


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Fujifilm have a dedicated design team that creates the content and schedules and electronically delivers it to stores. Fujivision is dynamic, you can change or update your content instantly. It offers the flexibility and convenience to update content on a National, State, Metro, Store or even individual screen level.  When you order the Fujivision digital signage solution you get access to our MCP's online proofing software that will allow you to interact with our design team and provide comments and feedback in real-time as text, audio or even video files that are attached to the content.


How Content is scheduled?

Fujivision software schedules the content. Once the date and time of a particular promotion is entered into the system, the software automatically plays the content during the duration of the in-store promotion. 


Network requirements:

ADSL connection is required to connect the media player to central server. FUJIFILM can organize installation with our third party provider who will hang displays, run cables and also connect the media player to your network.


Types of Content:

Content is King and Fujivision allows you to display a variety of content such as video, graphics, flash, advertising, RSS feeds and social media site. We have classified the content into different advertisement types below:

  • Basic Ad: Consists of text and 1 image and basic animation 

  • Standard Ad (content supplied): Content supplied by the customer, e.g. a press Ad. We will then take this content and format it for playback on the digital signage network

  • Standard Ad (content created): Created based on a brief that consists of stock images and product shots

  • Premium Ad: Created based on a brief and may be shot or sourced and modified from Stock libraries

  • Advertisement: Content supplied by external advertisers

  • Customer Content: This includes any other elements such as audio and high quality video


It might seem like you have a lot to take in so why don't you talk to our experts for more information on Fujifilm's Digital Signage Solution.

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