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So...Digital? Digitisation? Digitised?

What do these things mean to us in everyday life?

Sure, we know what they mean literally but what do the mean creatively and what are the common threads in moving from a hard copy analogue environment to a digital one?

Well, at Fujifilm a great deal of our business, like most other businesses are going - or have already gone - digital. Whilst this was a major change from the analogue world it was also a very natural and logical evolution for us, mainly as a result of our long history of technical innovation. It's the same technical innovation which has also led Fujifilm into so many more markets than simply film and photo printing - for example not everyone knows that Fujifilm is also involved in the graphic arts, diagnostic and preventative health, networking and professional photography industries across the globe...but more of that another time.

Our technical innovation in the digital world has also enabled us to develop Fujivision, a flexible digital signage platform and an integrated visual experience backed up by national network management, customer service and technical support.


Digitisation brings flexibility and the ability to customise - think of how easy it is now to customise a PDF or email blast. The digital world can also bring cost savings and it can help maximise retail space now that things can be adapted to their ever-changing environments so much more easily. Last but not least, statistics are far easier to gather, integrate and use effectively.

So...why the resistance?

It's fairly clichéd to say that human beings need change but are often scared of it. The fact is that we fear the unknown and when technologies change and emerge the benefits are not always immediately apparent. This in turn leads to a lack of understanding and an instinct to keep doing what we've always done in the way we've always done

We need to think higher, deeper, wider and in multiple dimensions if we are going to truly embrace the digital revolution.

It's not about replacing a printed poster with a TV screen but more about integrating, communicating and experiencing with your consumer in ways you have never thought possible.

So...who can we quote to validate our experience?

A famous Greek philosopher: "Change is the only constant" - Heraclitus

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