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Reinforcing Brand Identity and Fully Integrating Your Marketing with Digital Signage

Between you, your brick-and-mortar competitors and an increasing number of e-tailers online shops, your customers have quite a few retail options – what makes yours stand out? With so many sellers and brands in every industry, it's no longer enough to just offer a competitive product. You've got to convey a clear, consistent, appealing message about your brand and product offers! Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to set yourself apart from your competition, and digital signage can help.

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Here are a few tips for reinforcing your brand identity and integrating dynamic signage with your store marketing.

Create a Great Impression

A sale begins (or falls flat!) as soon as a customer walks through your doors. You need to convey the most positive attributes of your business up-front, so potential customers know what to expect when they buy your products. This might mean colorful food displays at a grocery store, or a warm reception from a well-dressed employee at a clothing shop.

Well-designed and strategically placed digital signage can also go a long way in quickly conveying your brand attributes. Entrance signs can display your products, promotions and customer-friendly messages. Interactive displays and targeted messaging outside your storefront can attract passers-by and drive customer traffic into your store.

Excite the Senses

Don't just tell your customers what you're all about – show them! Offer vivid displays of eye-catching products, play music that fits your brand and offer hands-on demos whenever possible. Depending on your products, you may even want to pick a certain scent for your store. When it comes to the visual offer of your brand, use creative content to promote your products and services that inform and engage your audience.

Staying Consistent

Consistency is key for effective marketing – are you living up to your brand promises? You want to have plenty of promotional content, but it all needs to convey similar underlying values about your products and services. The messages and promotions you communicate through channels such as social media, static signage, marketing collateral, and dynamic displays should all reflect a common theme and content.

Easy Access to Information

It should take no effort at all for your customers to learn more about your company, products and services. To position yourself as a leader in your category, you'll also want to provide plenty of appealing content that influences purchasing decisions. Use interactive digital signage to inform and educate your in-store customers complemented by an exciting website for your online shoppers.

Create an Experience!

Ultimately, you need to give your customers a compelling reason to keep coming back. People might make one-time purchases at your physical store, but what's to stop them from shopping elsewhere in the future? They need to enjoy the shopping experience itself! Warm greetings, exciting displays, great customer service and easily accessible information will set your brand and services apart.

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