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Rich Content: The Key to Digital Signage Success

Digital signage may be the latest and greatest sales tool, but it's not quite a plug-and-play solution. If you want to make the most of it, you'll need to provide plenty of quality content to entice potential buyers! Dynamic, screen-based media are far different from print, and you'll need to tailor your ads accordingly.

Here are a few key tips for designing rich, appealing displays that will keep customers coming back to your store.

Dynamic Displays

customers at touch screenGone are the days of static, printed images. Going digital allows you to create movie-like ads with dynamic text, images and even audio and video. Consumers are bombarded with flashy ads all day long, so you'll need truly eye-catching content that moves. Scrolling text and rotating pictures are must-haves, and interactive displays require even more. If you're installing touch pads for your customers, give them access to video clips and product demos to guide their purchasing decisions.

Rotating Ads

A single dynamic ad isn't enough, no matter how well-designed. If you operate a high-traffic store or put on short-term sales, you'll need to swap out ads and menus on a daily basis. Fortunately, cloud-connected digital signage allows you to instantly change your displays – no more messing with manual changeovers! Pre-program your signs so the changes coincide with times, dates and deals.

Uncluttered Content

Variety is important, but too much content will just keep customers from making decisions. More is not always better, so choose a few key images and words for each ad. Since most consumers like to digest content in small bites, spread out longer messages over several rotations of a dynamic display. If you want to broadcast the features of a particular product, for instance, rotate through a few frames each highlighting one of those features.

Relevant Offers

When you use static ads, you've just got to hope your placement is good enough to entice passing people. With digital, you can use rotating displays to contextually target specific customers. Collect as much data as possible on your customers' preferences, demographics and shopping habits, and use that information to perfectly time your ads. If you have interactive displays or kiosks, you can even collect personal info and make targeted product suggestions.

Consistent Messaging

You'll be able to produce larger volumes of content with digital displays, but you must make sure your messaging is consistent. Use the same slogans and similar styles, and always convey your company's coe values. What is your store all about – rock-bottom prices, qualified customer service or cutting-edge products? Something else entirely? Every facet of your digital marketing, from your in-store displays to your social media presence, needs to send the same basic message.

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