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Top Tips for Connecting with Consumers with Digital Signage

You’ve got billboards, social media channels and maybe even a 30-second spot on local television channels. Advertising and marketing are working hand in hand to bring your brand the attention and buyers it deserves. But have you considered that natural next step? Digital signage offers your company a huge opportunity for growth and increased revenues and works seamlessly with print and online efforts. Read on to learn the top two ways digital signage helps boost your marketing efforts on a store-by-store or screen-by-screen basis.

customer touching screenBuild Your Brand Across Several Outlets and Channels

Digital signage can be used to combine images, videos, audio, text and even RSS feeds all geared toward increasing sales and promoting products. Harmonise branding and messaging, whether locations are across the street or across the country. Digital displays have the ability to not only lift the awareness of the corporate brand, but also to instantly improve the look of the physical location. Creative messaging conveyed to consumers on attractive, high-tech screens can make a huge impact when it comes to advertising and reinforcing corporate brand identity.

Approaching consumers via television ads, social engagement, informative content on the web and, finally, with digital signage in physical locations delivers fully integrated marketing.

Be Dramatic and Stand Out from the Crowd

If you are a shop owner located within a shopping mall, along a high street or anywhere with local competition, it is imperative you make the effort to stand out. Simple banners or static signage in your window or outside your doors can be easily ignored or passed by. And while your product may be unique and offer an abundance of strengths over your competitors, it can sometimes be hard to communicate that information to buyers.

However, investing in digital signage, whether it be a fully networked solution across multiple stores or simply an eye-catching display in one location, can improve the reach of your messages and, most importantly, get them acted upon. But digital signage alone will not get you noticed; rich content is needed to display on those digital signs! Take time to develop specific digital content, including graphics, videos, audio and text that reflects the attributes of your brand or products. It needs to be dynamic and vibrant, yet simple enough that it can be communicated quickly as people walk by.

A stable digital marketing platform can be used to advertise monthly deals, communicate important messaging, showcase new products and, most importantly, attract the attention of countless consumers.

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