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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage at Retail Stores

Still running old-fashioned paper displays at your business or store? While great artwork and proper placing can certainly take you far, digital signage is the way of the future! Digital, dynamic and even interactive displays allow you to show an incredible variety of up-to-date content to potential customers. Plus, the right digital devices will allow you to connect to all your content in the cloud. If you haven't jumped on board yet, here are five reasons why you should consider digital signage for your business.

Attention-Grabbing Displays

digital signage in storeBoth B2B customers and consumer audiences are bombarded with ads all day, every day. You need to make yours stand out. Digital sign technology allows you to create flashy, eye-catching displays tailored to your unique audience. Even the most well designed paper displays are still static, making them all too easy for customers to ignore. Digital signs are dynamic, allowing for scrolling images, video and even audio.

Cloud-Sourced Content

Marketing collateral is one of the most time-consuming assets for any business to create. With the right digital signage platform, you can source all your content directly from your company's spot in the cloud. With a few standard frameworks for your different displays, you can instantly update the images, text and videos in different modules. Plus, with all your content in a central location, coordinating signage across multiple branches is easy.

Lower Overhead Potential

The upfront costs of a digital platform are certainly more expensive than a paper display, but you could save loads of money in the long run. Rather than hire a graphic designer for each new sign, you can simply update your screen with content from the cloud. When you do create new content, you can leverage it wherever and whenever you need it for little to no additional cost – no printing, pasting or physical distribution required.

Better Brand Awareness

In retail stores, quality displays often boost sales in every department – even when they're not targeted to a specific product or buyer. Digital signs can display a far greater variety of content than paper, allowing you to convey a strong, consistent brand message to shoppers. They're also great for cross merchandising and teaching your customers about all of the different products and solutions you provide.

Impulse Purchases

Increased sales volume is the most important metric for any type of signage, and digital could help you to deliver! Instantly updated displays are perfect for enticing people to make impulse purchases. Instead of waiting for your customers to happen upon a particular item, you can effectively merchandise and cross-merchandise throughout your store.

In today's digital environment, customers are far more likely to respond to eye-catching, interactive displays than old-fashioned posters and brochures.

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