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4 Great Examples of Digital Signage

Digital signage is taking the marketing industry by storm. Dynamic, eye-catching displays are becoming crucial for effective advertising in-store and on-site, especially in the information age. Customers see and hear hundreds of ads per day, and you'll need to provide the most engaging, up-to-date content to keep their attention. For some ideas and inspiration, here are a few great examples of effective digital signage.

Melbourne Convention Center

convention center with touch screensBig venues need large, lively and interactive displays for all their stakeholders – client business, attendees and employees. The Melbourne Convention Center combines flashy visuals and functionality with event promotions, staff signage and digital controls for rooms and equipment. The center even allows users to control their signage with their mobile devices.

Build-a-Bear Stores

How you capture kids' attention when they're distracted by phones, tablets and other stores? Build-a-Bear solved the problem with a two-part interactive sign system. On the outside of their stores, they have large touchscreens with barcode-unlockable content. On the inside, they have “smart tables” that act as both advertisements and selection tools for customers.

Burger King Digital Menus

Burger King has used its digital sign system to repurpose existing images and artwork to a whole new set of menu boards. The new boards combine these images with demographics, site trends and other business data to deliver ads targeted to specific groups of customers.

Moffitt Cancer Center

Hospitals and health clinics can be confusing environments, and they need to be able to provide clear, consistent messages to their patients. Moffitt Cancer Center cleaned up the look and feel of its campuses with digital signs that direct and inform visitors. The displays are also networked, so that the Moffitt administrators can ensure consistent messaging and similar content at its satellite locations.

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