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Digital Signage on Your Campus: Inform Students and Staff Instantly

Previously, we have discussed the reasons why digital signage is beneficial to retail shops and brands. Advantages include building a brand across several outlets and channels, standing out from the crowd with dynamic and dramatic content, real-time marketing and better educating consumers.

Each one of these benefits could easily be applied to educational universities and campuses. Read on to find out three ways you can implement digital signage to better inform your students and staff.

Interactive Campus Guides

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Digital signage has the power to be a critical component of keeping students and staff informed of daily happenings around campus. From posting event and deadline reminders to announcing class schedules and cancellations, digital signage offers the opportunity that word of mouth simply cannot provide. Consider the reach digital signage would have for:

  • University/student events
  • Third party services
  • Class schedules
  • Opening hours
  • Cafeteria menus/ingredients
  • And so much more!

With so many opportunities to communicate with students regarding campus information, digital signage offers both effective and professional messaging across campuses or satellite locations.

Reduce Printing and Other Marketing Collateral Costs

When your students graduate, you, of course, want them to be up to date on technology. That message can be clear to incoming students as well as alumni when you implement digital signage on your campus.

Advanced technology and the cloud allow the university flexibility when it comes to content shown on each screen. In fact, messages can be displayed in multiple formats at the same time. You can even appeal to different senses, including sight and sound, to reach every member of your large audience—without a sizable bill from the local printer. Digital can certainly offer a bigger bang for the buck.

Communicate Emergency Announcements

There are several reasons to instantly communicate with everyone on campus to ensure safety. Emergency situations require immediate transmission of information. With digital signage, the university could instantaneously take over displays to announce a single message throughout the entire campus.

Using content previously prepared for threatening situations such as severe weather or other potential harm, directions can be instantly sent out via the cloud to every screen on campus, leading students and staff to safety. Let digital signage be part of your emergency response plan.

To learn more about implementing digital signage into your educational environment, contact Fujifilm today.

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