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Assist Patients with Technology: 3 Reasons to Adopt Digital Signage

waiting roomIn most waiting room scenarios, patients sit impatiently tapping on their phones, reading year-old magazines or watching daytime television. Medical facilities can effectively utilize this time to engage patients and promote awareness via an in-store channel that can communicate information, provide better health advice, and highlight preventative measures such as vaccinations and safety precautions, etc.

Digital Signage Technology is an attractive communication medium for medical facilities as it is easily managed via an internet connection and offers the flexibility to run different content to single or multiple screens simultaneously or on a user defined schedule within a single medical centre, or across a wider network in different parts of the country. Controlling the content and information you want to display and when allows a mix of data, images, video, social media content, RSS feeds etc all to be displayed on a screen. Here, you will discover three ways digital signage can help you effectively engage patients’ in the waiting rooms.

Provide Relevant Information to Patients in Waiting Rooms

Waiting around for their appointment is often considered a “waste of time” from the patient’s perspective, but with digital signage you can improve their experience by communicating important information and helping make their time pass more quickly.

Whether you want to advertise the medical facilities, profile the doctors or staff, explain your services or simply provide useful information regarding fitness, nutrition and all-around better living to your patients, digital signage offers you the opportunity to “speak” to patients when you’re not even in the waiting room. Not only will your patients appreciate the communication, they will appreciate the visual distraction.

Provide Administrative Messages about Medical Facilities

Medical centres deliver excellent medical care and with prominent digital signage displays can provide much more including administrative functions, facility maps and directions as well as access to local services and community programs.

Digital Signage should be considered as an important part in the communication between general practitioners, medical specialists and their patients in the waiting room. Providing up to date information, advice and general notices with visually engaging content and clear messages that can be tailored to your unique needs, a digital signage solution can help provide your patients with an overall better experience and understanding of the services and health messages that your medical facility can offer them.

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