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5 Places to Look for Inspiration for Your Photography

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

It happens to all of us – you’re lacking inspiration. You just don’t feel like picking up your camera. Your shots just aren’t looking how you want them to look. You’re bored; you’ve lost your mojo.

These times are when you need to look for inspiration, and we’ve found five places that will have you falling back in love with photography and rushing for your camera (but make sure you bring that along too!)


Think about why you love photography, specifically what drew you to it in the first place? Was it the ability to capture fleeting moments? Was it capturing a certain subject? Remember why you fell in love with photography and fall in love all over again. Go through your work – what images are your favourites and what do you wish you did better? Find inspiration in your past, and learn from your mistakes.

Other Photographers

Find photographers whose work you admire and analyse their work. Read their websites and find out what they’re inspired by.

What is it you like about their work? Is it their use of texture, their different point of view, the use of colour or the lack of it?

Look through their photography for inspiration for your own work – but remember not to copy. Try out new techniques and make them your own because, after all, the reason your work works is because it’s your own.

If you’re lucky enough to know another photographer, reach out to them. Talk together about your work, your inspirations, what you want to capture and what you want to do differently.

Online – Particularly Pinterest and Flickr

Pin or save images that jump out at you, and question what you like about them. Is it the use of colour, movement, texture, tone, contrast, angles? Take one of those elements and aim to capture it in your own way. Use the images as inspiration rather than images to copy, and see what you can create yourself.

Flickr also has a number of photography groups that set daily, weekly or monthly photography challenges or themes that may inspire you – or you can create your own. These themes and challenges are perfect for days when you’re feeling uninspired.

Somewhere New

Try and find somewhere you’ve never been before. It might be a beach, a park, a farmers market or an old building. Keep your eyes open and look for those little details. Capture the place in different ways and try to tell its story.  For example, at the market you may capture a laughing store holder, a handwritten sign with a happy farmer in the background looking at his produce, a child sneaking a few grapes or a dog happily sitting by his owner’s side whilst he picks up some fresh bread. Look for the little details, and capture things in new and different ways.

A Photography Class or Group

Taking a photography class not only helps you to learn new skills, it also allows you to meet others who share your hobby and who can inspire you. Like the Flickr Photography Groups, you may be able to find (or even start) a photography group that has weekly or monthly challenges or themes. For example, one month your challenge may be to use a bokeh effect in a unique way in your image whilst the next month, you may have to capture an emotion in a single frame.

These are just a few places to look for inspiration. Share your own places of inspiration in the comments below – you may help another photographer out of their “funk”!