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6 Recommended Accessories for Your X-T10

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

The X-T10 Silver has been an extremely popular camera in Australia and now with the release of the X-T10 Black it's expected to follow suit. The automatic ease-of-use combined with full manual control has been an award winning combination for many people starting out in photography. This enthusiasm for the product has also extended to many enthusiast photographers who desire the image quality of the renowned X-Series. 

With so many people now owning the camera, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of recommended accessories that will compliment your new purchase. Ranging from lenses to microphones, there's bound to be an accessory that will assist you in your photographic journey.

XF & XC Fujinon Lenses

Fujifilm currently have a fantastic line up of XC & XF lenses available for the X-T10 that will assist you in capturing the widest landscape to the smallest macro photo. If you're not sure what the difference is between the two lens types X'C' stands for 'Consumer' and X'F' stands for 'Fine' Quality. The majority of XF lenses are made in Japan and feature a premium metal exterior, whereas the more economical XC lenses have a poly-carbonate outer shell. The important detail to note though is all XC lenses use the same glass found in XF lenses so there's no difference in image quality, the only difference is in the materials used for the outer housing.

Here's three recommended lenses for your new X-T10 that will cover an array of photography genres.

- XF10-24mm F4 R OIS

- XF90mm F2

- XF50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR

All of the three lenses will compliment any of the interchangeable X-Series range. For instance if you're interested in landscape photography you can't go past the XF10-24mm lens. At the widest focal length the lens provides edge to edge sharpness with minimal distortion.

However, if landscape photography isn't your thing then you may want to check out the newest lens in Fujifilm's X-Series range - the XF90mm F2. Every photo you capture with this lens using an aperture of F2 will produce some of the nicest bokeh you'll see in portrait photography. It's a sure winner on the X-T10.

Lastly one of the most coveted X-Series lens to date is the XF50-140mm. When you mount this lens on the X-T10 you will certainly know about it, as a recommendation if you plan on getting this lens, a suggestion is to obtain the hand grip to suit the X-T10 as it will balance out the longer lens with the size of the camera body.

RR-90 Remote Release


If you're interested in capturing long exposures a remote release can be very beneficial. Once the cable has been plugged into the side of the X-T10 turn the shutter dial to 'B' for Bulb Shooting. The RR-90 Remote Release has a switch that you can slide into the 'on' position. By doing this you'll activate and lock the shutter enabling a photograph to be captured up to 60 minutes. 

Tip: When capturing long exposures make sure you're photographing in manual mode so you can control the aperture as well as the shutter speed. To reduce “noise” (mottling) in long time-exposures, select ON for LONG EXPOSURE NR in the shooting menu. Note that this may increase the time needed to record images after shooting.

MIC-ST1 - External Stereo Microphone


The X-T10 does have a built in microphone, but if you want to obtain a better sound quality for your Full HD videos the Fujifilm MIC-ST1 External Stereo Microphone is recommended. Connecting the microphone is simple, just plug the 2.5mm jack into the microphone port and when the camera is on you'll be prompted to check the 'MIC' Setting on the back of the LCD screen. Select the 'MENU/OK' button when prompted and then select the 'MIC' setting in the menu. It's also worth noting that you can adjust the Mic Level in the Movie Set-up menu.

SP-1 Instax Share Printer

Being able to print your photos straight from the X-T10 camera creates some exciting opportunities. Like most X-Series cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity the X-T10 brings people together through the sharing of photos. To print a photo from the camera all you need to do is sync the printer and select a photo to print - it's really that simple!. Here's a great example on how you can use the Instax Share Printer at an event.



MHG-XT10 - Metal Hand Grip

The new hand grip for the X-T10 allows you to easily remove batteries and memory cards without having to completely remove the accessory from the camera. On the sides of the base of the grip you'll find a small rail, which allows for easy mounting on tripods. The main advantage of using the hand grip is it provides extra grip for your hand and also balances out the weight between a longer lens and the X-T10 camera body. It's also worth noting that the tripod mount on the MHG-XT10 is aligned with the lens optical axis.

BLC-XT10 - Leather Case

This case not only protects your camera, but combines practicality with the luxury of leather and comes with a shoulder strap made of the same material. Pictures can be taken and batteries inserted or removed with the camera still in its case.

To try out these accessories and more head into your local X-Series stockist where an expect staff member will be able to assist you.