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For the love of the Fujifilm X100T

Posted by Leigh Diprose


How can a camera make you fall in love?

Well its actually quite simple, as soon as you come across the X100T many photographers find themselves hooked. Mutter this model number and it's likely you'll see a bunch of Fujifilm fans congregate.

Whether you hold it, talk about, photograph with it or simply admire it, the X100T goes beyond the word love and forms a lasting bond with many photographers around the world. So you have to ask yourself the question - why is the X100T so popular?

Let me explain from a photographers perspective.

You see the X100T is everything we want it to be, it's small, stylish and packs a punch in fantastic image quality and colour that many photographers simply require. It hits 'that gap' in the market, which the Fujifilm X100 so boldly fulfilled. It's a camera that's born on a need and delivers in spades for example whenever I go out photographing with the Fujifilm X100T my focus is on the scene and I must say the Fujifilm X100T keeps up.

I don't have to worry about it's size or carrying extra lens like I did years ago - the Fujifilm X100T is simply my ultimate camera, however don't take my word for it though, ask any Fujifilm X100T owner and I'm sure they'll say the same thing (insert your comments below if you own a X100T).

For me, the fixed 23mm F2.0 lens is perfect for photographing plenty of subjects ranging from the contrast rich black and white street photographs to the wonderful memories witnessed at a wedding. 

With some new features including an upgraded operability and an electronic shutter I find this camera to be a fantastic user experience. At the end of the day though I put these upgrades down to you - the actual real-world photographers, because without your feedback this camera wouldn't exist so I personally thank you.


Thank you for making the Fujifilm X100T an award winner and a camera that has won many hearts. This is the reason I love the Fujifilm X100T and why I see so many photographers follow suit - so to you I say thank you! 

Let me leave you with a question though, why does the Fujifilm X100T ignite a spark in your photography?