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Fujifilm's Listening To You

Posted by Leigh Diprose

Did you know you're not alone?

Isn't it nice to be heard and understood as a photographer?


When it comes to X-Series equipment Fujifilm as a company believe in quality, performance, design and user experience. It's this belief that makes the X-Series Mirrorless system more appealing to a growing number of photographers.

One thing that separates Fujifilm from the majority of others is that we love to listen to you. After all, you're the photographer, you know what you want and more importantly need.

Here at Fujifilm the team are happy to take on your feedback to improve X-Series cameras. The latest firmware update for the X-T1 is ongoing proof of this, many of you said you wanted faster focus and with the latest X-T1 firmware update (version 4.0) Fujifilm achieved this. 

So, apart from our listening ears that result in constant improvements to X-Series cameras what else should you expect?

Here's a small list of things we currently do in Australia that go beyond the firmware updates.

As a X-Series user we hope you find some comfort in the additional support we offer starting with...


A Dedicated Customer Support Line in Australia

If you call 1800 226 355 and choose option 4, you'll be treated to a Australian based expert who will walk you through any technical questions you might have when it comes to your X-Series camera or lens. You can also contact us directly via email here.

By contacting the Digital Help Desk you'll be exposing yourself to to a wealth of experience from avid photographers who can provide support for all Fujifilm cameras dating back to the end of the 90's.

The team have regular communication with Fujifilm Product Managers as well as the service centre to ensure you questions are answered.


Fujifilm X-Series Lens Roadmap

Fujifilm release a lens road map to help inform you of future lens releases so you're not constantly reading rumor sites hoping that something might happen.

A lens road map will also provide a clear picture that gives you an opportunity to budget for any upcoming lens that you may have your eye on.



Fujifilm X Series Full Range Stockists

Fujifilm Australia have identified a dedicated list of Australian retailers who stock a range of X-Series products. The staff in these stores have been trained on X-Series products so they can help assist your needs as a photographer as well as offer their expert advice.



Fujifilm X Series Photo Walks

In partnership with selected companies, Fujifilm Australia are organising more Australian based photo walks. If you're not sure what a photo walk is, it's essentially a meet up of like minded photographers who share an experience, take photographs and then share their experience online. The Fujifilm photo walks are designed to provide a unique opportunity to use the current range of X-Series products, while hearing from a diverse range of speakers including Fujifilm Australia's own National Digital Camera Trainer - Warwick Williams.

Some of the upcoming photo walks include:

- Early September - Proposed X-Series experience with Michael's Camera & Video

- 26th September - Proposed photo walk in Sydney

- 26th September - 500px Fujifilm Global Photo Walk in Melbourne


A Social Relationship

With the abundance of social media channels currently available, Fujifilm Australia have decided to focus on some of the main ones in order to hear your stories and feedback. Feedback is very important to Fujifilm as it's this essential knowledge that helps determine what you need in future updates. Saying this, we encourage you to get in touch with us on any of the following social platforms and let us know what's important to you?;

Facebook - Fujifilm Cameras Australia

Facebook - Fujifilm X World (Global)

Instagram - @fujicamerasaus

YouTube - Fujifilm Australia

Twitter - @FujiCameraAus


Fujifilm X Series Ambassadors

We're very fortunate to work with some of Australia's leading photographers who can share their experiences first hand through planned events and online content. Working with selected retailers, Fujifilm Australia encourage X-Series users to attend occasional launch events held around Australia that will inspire and encourage you to get the most out of your gear.



Fujifilm In Store Touch & Try Events

At nominated stores located in Victoria and New South Wales, Fujifilm Australia provide the opportunity for you to come into the store to experience a range of X-Series products and talk with a Fujifilm X-Series expert. These events are typically announced on our Facebook Page so we encourage you to connect with us there.


A Dedicated Fujifilm Consumer Products App

Do you know what X-Series products are currently available? Would you like to know the specifications for a particular camera?

Fujifilm Australia now have an official app called 'Fujifilm Australia Consumer Products'. The apps dedicated to X-Series as well as the entire range of consumer products.

You can download it here.


Fujifilm Digital Photography Blog

Lastly, on this blog you'll find a range of articles and insight that revolve around X-Series products and accessories.

You'll start to see more content coming on a regular basis, so if you haven't already subscribed to the blog I encourage you to do so. 


As you can see from what I've outlined above, the team at Fujifilm Australia are working hard together to make your X-Series experience a fantastic one. We're here to help and to listen to any feedback you are willing to give. So if you have some feedback about your experiences or recommendations on product improvements, we would love to here them in the comments below.