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General Overview of Bangkok Workshop by Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

Renowned and award-winning documentary photographer Jack Picone will work in tandem with workshop partner Stephen Dupont, acclaimed photojournalist and filmmaker. Both Stephen and Jack along with a guest tutor (TBA) , will be there to critique and edit participants’ work one-on-one, and also take part in evening projections and discussions.

JP-X-Pro1_Buddhism-Bangkok-23-1024x682An introductory get-together will be held on the evening prior to the workshop’s formal start in Bangkok, Thailand. Like any working documentary photographer, you will be given an assignment brief to interpret as you wish. (The brief will be announced prior to the workshop to give you time to research possible subjects before you arrive.) The aim is to produce a documentary photo essay with a striking visual narrative, to be shown on the final evening of the workshop.

Tutors will hold individual and group sessions to supervise and edit the assignments, and dialogue intensively on topics such as photographic composition, portraiture, basic camera techniques, how to research ideas and tell an original story, how to market a body of work, and how to hone your personal style. The workshop is very project based as opposed to technically driven. The workshop’s schedule will be demanding but highly rewarding. Tutors and field assistants will be on hand constantly to help navigate any areas of difficulty and discuss all your photographic concerns.

Interpreters can also be arranged where necessary. Traditional Photo Essay and Multimedia During the workshops participants will have an option to produce a completed photo essay within documentary tradition or in a more contemporary context-a multimedia. In both cases, tutors will be on hand to guide you through the respective process.

Jack Picone has a long standing relationship with Fujifilm Australia and he plays a pivotal role as a Fujifilm X-Series Ambassador. Some of Jack's recent work with the popular Fujifilm X-E2 can be seen here. Please note this event will be managed and run by Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone for more information on the Bangkok Workshop please visit  

Date: June 15th - 20th

Cost: US $2,650

Max number of participants: 15

Contact details: