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Interview with X-T1 owner Lauren Metzler

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

In this special series of interviews Fujifilm Australia catches up with camera retailers in Sydney to find out what their experience is with X-Series cameras. In this interview, Lauren Metzler from Spectrum Camera House explains why she uses the Fujifilm X-T1.

Who is Lauren Metzler? 


I am a Wedding and Travel Photographer from Oregon now based in Sydney, Australia. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I spent my childhood hiking nearby waterfalls, swimming in local rivers and wandering the hidden forest trails...always with a camera in hand! This is where my passion for photography began. I loved telling stories with my camera and developing my negatives for hours and hours on end in the darkroom. Sometimes even sleeping there overnight!

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Photography, then packed my bags and travelled the World for six years. In Africa, I stayed with the Himba tribe and documented their daily tasks such as bathing in red ochre and milking their goats. I fell in love with capturing those small, seemingly unimportant details that become the defining moments of our lives.

Now I love to share people’s stories through Wedding Photography as they celebrate their love for one another and all of the beautiful little moments in between. That look a husband gives his bride-to-be right as he sees her walking down the aisle, or right before they both say "I Do". Those moments become a part of their personal history, a family heirloom to share with their grandchildren one day. As a story teller, I find it quite magical that my photos will be passed down someday from generation to generation. 



What type of photos do you enjoy capturing and how do you find Fujifilm X Series gear assists you in taking these photos? 

I love telling stories, whether its two people celebrating their love for one another or my travels abroad. For me photography is all about capturing and sharing those fleeting moments that become a part of our story. 

My X-T1 is super light and easily portable to travel with, and also for carrying around all day during Weddings. It's nice to have amazingly sharp and fast lenses that capture exactly what I envision without the weight. 



Picture your favourite image you've captured using the X-T1. Can you tell us the story behind the image and how it was captured? 

My favourite image is one I took during a styled shoot on Sydney's Northern Beaches. My friend Nikki graciously modelled a dress by Swish Bridal Designs, a floral crown and bouquet by White House Flowers and a beautiful engagement ring by Mark Bridge Jewellery. 

I awoke just before dawn, too excited for sleep and headed up to Turrimetta Beach. We watched as the perfect sun rose over the ocean, bathing us in warm golden light as we walked along the sand. Nikki climbed up a rocky ledge for a few photos and suddenly pointed out towards the sea, "Dolphins!" I looked out and saw a small pod of adolescent dolphins surfing the small waves lapping the shore, sharing this perfect morning with us.


What is one setting or function that you would like to see improved or updated on an X-Series camera? 

I would love extra battery life. Often there's not much time to charge batteries while I'm travelling and during weddings I need all of the extra battery life I can get.


What processes do you go through once you've taken a photo? Do you do much editing? 

After a shoot, I edit all of my photos in Lightroom using various self-made presets. 


Compared with other cameras out there, what do you think are two stand out features of the Fujifilm X-T1? 

I'm a darkroom kid, so I love the "back to basics" dials that are similar to my old film SLR. I also love how fast the autofocus is, especially when I'm shooting a wedding where things are happening all over the place and I have to be there, capturing it all with my X-T1. 

To view more of Lauren's work visit her website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.