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Interview with X100s Owner Benny Lee

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

In this special series of interviews Fujifilm Australia caught up with a group of camera retailers in Sydney's CBD to find out what their experience was with X-Series cameras. In this interview, Benny Lee from Georges Cameras talks about why he uses the Fujifilm X100S as his personal camera and how he uses it's features to capture images.


Fujifilm: Who is Benny Lee?

Benny Lee: I'm 23 years old, live in Sydney and I work at Georges Cameras. I shoot both still and video whenever I have time. 

Fujifilm: What swayed you to choose a X-Series camera compared to the other camera models out there?

Benny Lee: It doesn't look like your run-of-the-mill camera. It doesn't look like a plastic box. The look is what got me interested first and then I saw all the features it had, the quality of the files and I realised, hey I don't need to take a bulky Digital SLR around and this is how I shoot and it suits me fine. 


Fujifilm: What sort of photographs do you take?

Benny Lee: It depends on my mood actually, but I shoot some landscape and portraits, but with the X Series camera I like to walk around and take photos of every day life. 


Fujifilm: Do you use any features on the X100S that assist you in your photography?

Benny Lee: I really like the viewfinder, it's different and it works really well. The access to the dials is also a stand out feature. They feel a lot more intuitive without having to go through menus or go through toggle wheels and that sort of stuff. Just being able to see what settings you're on, because I shoot in manual most of the time and it makes more sense to me. 

Fujifilm: As a X-Series user is there any features you would like to see on a future model?

BL: I would like to see time lapse on a X100 series camera.


Fujifilm: What's a typical shooting day for you?

Benny Lee: Honestly, when I'm using the X100S, I'll use it mostly when I'm travelling. I tend to travel a lot, which is why I'm broke! So for me in the morning I just wake up and do my thing, pick up my camera and just go out the door. I don't have a plan, I just shoot what I like to see. I just did two months overseas and a week within Cuba and the X100S was a perfect camera for that situation. You don't want to be invasive like having a big telephoto lens on a digital SLR right? You actually want to go and talk to them. I'm no famous street photographer, but I do like the way they shoot and I respect that art style. 


Fujifilm: Is there any favourite country you like to visit for the type of photography you like to do?

Benny Lee: Well Cuba was definitely interesting. Mexico was cool, but I reckon the States because it's got a mix of everything. You've got New York city where everything is happening on the street, but you've also got nature with amazing landscapes in Yosemite. 

Fujifilm: Do you ever run into any other photographers using X-Series gear?

Benny Lee: Well a lot of my mates shoot on X100 series - of course from my recommendation! It's nice to see a whole bunch of us go out in a small community to shoot with the same sort of camera, it's just a whole lot of fun. 


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