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Real Australia with the Fujifilm X100T, X-T1 and XF90

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 Fujifilm X100T

It's not everyday I find myself trekking through the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, wearing suade shoes and black Levi's. However, when there's a great opportunity to be had, you work with what you've got. For this trip I packed an X100T that the lovely Fujifilm Australia folks have loaned me, and my own X-T1 and XF90mm for something a little different to add into the photo mix.

After flying up to Sydney to present at an educational expo on virtual reality, I had a spare few days up my sleeve to suss out a little more than just the local tourist attractions. A quick recommendation from an expert rock-climbing friend to checkout Wentworth Falls, and I was on my way. The 2-hour ride from Sydney's Central Station is very comfortable, picturesque, and best of all, extremely accessible and affordable for anyone. Simply put, if you're ever in Sydney, a day trip here is very easy to undertake and highly recommended.

I took the path straight out of town through Charles Darwin Walk, which in itself presents numerous photo opportunities with stunning creeks, mini falls and wildlife - don't be afraid of the numerous skinks running across the path though, but always keep watch for snakes.


One the many sights on the way through Charles Darwin Walk - X100T


An awe inspiring angle at Wentworth Falls - X100T


Halfway down - X100T




Swimming time - X100T

I have seen a fair bit of Australia over my 30 years of life and living here, but it's quite possible that this moment, this place, and this experience at Wentworth Falls was my favourite one of all.

It's hard to capture the sheer mastodonic scale of Wentworth Falls. From it's highest point looking down, the colours, textures, and shapes of the landscape take you back in time leaving you wondering and in awe of how nature carves such beauty. It's the kind of place that when I'd look back up from my camera or my steps, I would immediately be stopped in my tracks by a different angle of this ancient place. As the afternoon slipped away the colours of the landscape became more diverse and intense, with beautiful shadows creating stunning contrast in the scenery. The only thing I regret was not packing sufficient supplies to stay on until sunset. I'll be back though!


Fujifilm X-T1 with XF90



A wild Eastern Water Dragon. A short walk away from the 2nd platform, this creature (~1m long) was chilling above a Lyrebird that was scrounging in the scrub - Fujifilm X-T1 with XF90


Afternoon sun passes through the falling water creating a rainbow - Fujifilm X-T1 with XF90








Fujifilm X-T1 with XF90


Fujifilm X-T1 with XF90


The walk back to town wasn't half bad either - Fujifilm X-T1 with XF90

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Mathieu Marunczyn is a photographer who originates from Perth, but now resides in Melbourne, Australia along with his partner Natalia. His love for photography began when he started capturing candid moments of children with disabilities. These were singular and unique moments in time that could not be disturbed. It was from this that he desired to show the wonder in people's lives in beautiful and honest ways. This ultimately led Mathieu onto the path of wedding photography. Caveira Photography has been the result of this endeavour and along with Natalia they love to photograph weddings, to both witness and capture the individual beauty and emotion of the day.

Mathieu frequently engages in shooting other genres such as landscape, live music, sports, and street photography, as he believes the broad techniques used to shoot situations outside of wedding and lifestyle photography ultimately make for a more unique final product, grounded in broad experience.

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