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Some General Advice When It Comes To Purchasing Your Fujifilm X-Series Camera and Lens

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

Weather sealed and robust, what more could you want from a camera?

Well there's actually quite a lot really. How about WiFi to send your photos to family and friends, or a fast frame rate to keep up with action?

What about full manual control, an electronic shutter or programmable buttons

The list goes on, but where should the list of specifications stop and do you actually need all these features? 

We think the list of specifications currently stops at the X-T1 - after all, features like the ones mentioned are expected in a flagship camera (saying this though, the features are constantly being improved via firmware updates). Like we said before, here's the real question: Do you really need all of these features?

The answer for many X-T1 owners continues to be yes, however this may not be the case when you first choose your own camera and lens combination. To explain the decision making process further we need to go back to when you first start looking at purchasing some gear...


To help with your decision, something to think about when buying your camera and lens is ask yourself what is the purpose? Are you going to be using it for wedding, landscape, street photography or simply taking photos of the kids? Whatever the situation may be we think the current line up of X-Series cameras can keep up with your demand. If you haven't used a X Series camera before like the X-T1 or X-T10, we encourage you to head into your local X Series Stockist to take a test drive and experience the camera for yourself.


Something you should also think about when you're at your local X-Series retailer is the type of lens that you should be using with the camera body. Typically when you receive the camera it will have a kit lens attached. If this is the case, try mounting an additional lens that will compliment the photography genre you wish to photograph. If you're unsure what lens to use just ask the person helping you out for their recommendation. As an example, if you're interested in wedding photography one of the best recommended lens line ups for you would be a combination of a wide angle, telephoto and a portrait lens. If you prefer architectural photography you may find just a wide angle lens might be sufficient. Whatever the scenarios it's very important to try out the lens before you make the decision to own it. This 'touch and try' experience could extend to just holding the camera and lens combination to feel the weight and balance, and perhaps turn on the camera and take a few test shots at different focal lengths.

Another thing, while you're there you should also think about asking a list of questions that will ultimately help you choose the correct camera and lens combination that's right for you. We've compiled a short list of questions below to get you started and we recommend you add your own based on the type of photography you wish to pursue. Here's what we recommend you ask:

- What warranty is supplied with your X-Series purchase?

- What's the closest focusing distance of the lens?

- What accessories are available to compliment the type of photography you wish to undertake?

- Does the retailer offer any training support?

- What's the best way to care for X-Series equipment?

By asking these questions you're bound to get an experienced answer from someone who knows what they're talking about, if not feel free to ask the Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Team who will be at the upcoming Digital Show in Melbourne. If that's too far to travel, drop a comment here on the blog and we'll get back to you with a solution or answer.