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The Bad Photography Habits You Need to Give Up

Posted by Fujifilm Australia

We all have bad habits – but sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing them. In fact, we’ve discovered some bad habits that really impact the success of your photos. Here, we’re sharing those bad habits so you can kick them to the curb. Read on!

Being a Copy Cat

habits-photographers-should-breakThere are thousands of beautiful photos on Pinterest, photography blogs, magazines, advertisements – everywhere you look – so it’s tempting to want to copy those beautiful images yourself.  But have you ever thought about why those images are so attractive? It’s because they’re different.

The reason why there can be so many hundreds of thousands of successful photographers in the world is because they each have a different style – and that’s what attracts your clients. Remember that your style is what makes you different and what makes people like your photos – so be sure to stay true to yourself.

Worrying About What Others Think

Granted, when you’re lying on the floor in the middle of a public place, lens held toward the sky and snapping away – people are going to look. But when you get that shot, the one you’ve wanted to capture for so long, are you really going to care? No.

Don’t let what others think affect your work. If you see a shot, take it – don’t hesitate, because if you do, you may have lost that moment forever.

Those feelings of awkwardness vanish in seconds; however, the images you capture last forever.

Not Being Prepared

When you’re heading to a shoot, make sure you’re prepared. The last thing you want to do is stop a shoot halfway through to trek back to your car to grab your wide angle lens. And it can be detrimental if you can’t take the shot your client wants because you’ve left your spare memory card on your desk.

Have a list of things you need for every shoot, and make sure you have them. Don’t be afraid to pack those “just in case” items—you never know when they might come in handy.

Not Being Comfortable With Yourself

If you’re uncomfortable and awkward toward your clients, chances are, they’re going to feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable too. That’s going to show in the photos. Be confident in yourself – you’re the photographer, they hired you because they love what you do!

Taking PhotoShop Too Far

We’ve all seen those photos before – hyper processed, super edited, photo shopped to within an inch of its life. In the age of digital photography, it’s tempting to edit every single one of your shots.  But do you really need to?

Digital cameras allow us to take hundreds of photos in a shoot, so instead of editing every single imperfection, take a look at what you already have. Remember to edit your editing.

Forgetting to Check Your Settings Before Shooting

You’ve just been at a shoot inside at a wedding. Now you’re headed to an outdoor engagement shoot at sunset. You look back at the photos and realise everything looks a little odd. Shoot! You’ve forgotten to change the settings.

When you’re excited for a shoot, it’s easy to want to get straight into it and start snapping away without checking your settings. This would be fine if you’re using auto, but when you’re shooting in manual, it can completely ruin your shots.

Here’s your quick check list before a shoot: (this will differ depending on what mode you’re shooting in)

  • Shooting Mode
  • ISO Setting
  • AF Mode
  • White Balance 
  • Drive Setting 
  • Self Timer
  • Flash Setting
  • Shutter Speed 
  • Metering Pattern
  • Lens Aperture

Also, be sure to fire off a few test shots first to double check your settings are right.

Now that you know what habits to give up, be sure to check back next time for good photography habits to replace your bad ones.

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