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When It Comes To X-Series Knowledge and Experience Matters

Posted by Leigh Diprose

If you call yourself an avid photographer or if you've been photographing since the evolution of digital you may have noticed your fair share of different camera models and equipment. I know this is true when it comes to the history of the Fujifilm X-Series camera range. The previous and current model count is extensive, it started with the X100 and now begins at the current entry level compact XQ2 before skipping some models to the newly announced mid ranged X-T10, where it finishes around the award winning X-T1 (which currently has a $200 cash back).



Now, you may be thinking why so many models? It's a good question and one that I'll attempt to answer.

The reason varies, but what I can put it down to is Fujifilm's Value For Innovation.

Innovation matters a lot when it comes to technology, without it we would see the continual range of X-Series models fall short of features like the most recent firmware update for the X-T1, which saw a much improved auto focus system being implemented (if you haven't updated your X-T1 firmware you can download it here). Now, all these X-Series feature updates and technology advancements all require a unique understanding that employ the user to think slightly different from their previous camera experiences.

Keeping up these advancements of technology and more importantly being able to explain and demonstrate these benefits to ones' own photographic experience is a hard task. Fortunately though, the dedicated team at Fujifilm Australia have been working hard with people from selected stores who understand this technology breakthrough so they can pass on their gained knowledge to effectively address the evolution of change - that will ultimately see the X-Series range of cameras, lenses and accessories understood in the current marketplace. Effectively known as 'X-Series Full Range Stockists', Fujifilm Australia have understood the people within these selected stores (listed below) to understand - when it comes to X-Series, knowledge and experience matters.


What this means for you as a X-Series user is you'll now have a identified place that will equip you with the important knowledge, advice and the latest gear that will see you fulfilled as a photographer. These X-Series Full Range Stockists will have a full range of X-Series products (subject to availability) that will see you experiencing the latest gear in person, while you gain expert advice from the people who have been equipped with the knowledge and experience that matters. So, whether it's some updated firmware, advice on a new Fujinon lens, X-Series accessory or a test run using the latest Fujifilm X-Series camera the team at your closest X-Series Full Range Stockist will be there to assist your every X-Series need.

To start or continue building a relationship with your X-Series Stockist just click on the banner below - they'll be happy to hear from you.