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Why The Fujifilm X Series Range is Becoming The Standard

Posted by Leigh Diprose


Fujifilm as a brand has been around for quite sometime, 80 years in fact, however it's their revolutionary breakthroughs in technology and the willingness to listen to their customers, which I believe has seperated them from the rest.

Like many photographers out there I've seen quite an influx in cameras from different brands over the years. I've even purchased and used a fair few of these cameras for weddings, wildlife and landscape photography. The pictures have always turned out great and left me feeling happy with my spend. I'm sure it's the same case for many of you reading this as well. One thing I did notice though was it took about a year or so for the manufactor to strip me of that feeling.

A new model would be released, which in most cases looked-almost-identical to my own camera, however the technology in the 'upgraded' model would leave me and my 'old' camera feeling redundant. It's a common thing that happens with various brands, as technology improves so do their new products, but what about their 'old' products? Why don't most brands support their old products? Is it just me or is it a sales tactic to make you buy the latest product?

I certainly felt this way with the other brands I have previously used.

Something I hear commonly from photographers in various forums and on social platforms around the world is their support for Fujifilm as a brand due to their continual support to the photograher. Fujifilm really does listen to what photographers have to say, just ask an X-Series owner, I'm sure they'll speak along the same lines as what I'm typing. I'm finding X-Series cameras are quickly becoming the choice for many professional and enthusist photographers who want the best from their gear, that is to say they want to be supported.

Take the Fujifilm X100 for example, after being on the market for around two years the camera was supported by means of a firmware upgrade, which brought a lot of the newer features found on the X100s to the older X100. These upgrades were common features photographers were asking for. Unlike other brands who invest in strong marketing campaigns to launch a 'newer' product, Fujifilm focuses their investment in research and development (R&D) to make their older products better.  As a company I find they listen to what photographers want and also find out what they need, so rest assured, if you're a Fujifilm X-Series user, based on the history of X-Series it's probably safe to say your camera will be supported.


Did you know...
If you're located in Australia and need support for your Fujifilm X-Series Camera you can call the Fujifilm Australia Customer Support helpdesk on 1800 226 355. Simply choose option number four for Digital Camera Help and the friendly knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you. The Fujifilm Australia Customer Support hours of operation are from 8.30am- 5.30pm weekdays.

Lastly I'm interested to hear about your current line up of X-Series cameras, if you could upgrade or create one new feature on your exsisting model or new X-Series model, what would it be and why? Leave your comments below.