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X-Thusiast Featured Photographer of the Month: Rhys Tattersall

Posted by Fujifilm Australia


"Mount Cook is filled with awe. Walk off in any direction and you wont be disappointed." X-T1 + XF18mmF2 R 

Each month we select one remarkable and extremely talented Australian photographer from our X-Thusiast gallery to share their unique prespective behind the X-Series camera system. We’re thrilled to introduce Rhys Tattersall as our February 2016 featured X-Thusiast photographer.

Check out our Q&A to discover more about how Rhys creates his beautiful X-Series images, and what inspires him most.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Brisbane, but only just moved two weeks ago. I lived in Sydney up until then. I skate, snowboard and mountain bike. I haven't taken photos of much of those though, as I am usually doing the activities myself. My goals would be to be able to take photos for the rest of my life, and for people to appreciate my work.

What got you started in photography?

One day, two years ago, I asked my mate (who is an amateur photographer) to take me out shooting. He lent me a camera with a 50mm lens, and I fell in love instantly. Only problem was, I didn't own a camera. I started looking around and it was all very pricey for me at the time. So instead, I bought an analog camera: The Pentax ME with a 50mm.

It was aperture priority so I learned a lot from the effects when you move it. The feel of the film is something you need to try. I always tell people starting out that they should start with film—it's unmatchable. I went on to buy my first mirrorless—the Fujifilm X-T1—and I'm loving it.

As a photographer, what gives you ideas and inspires you to create great imagery?

Other photographers. Anyone with the passion to take photos, whatever their style may be. The drive we photographers have is inspirational to me—that want and need to take the best photos you can. The idea and creativity that I produce comes from other people whom I look up to.


One of the many magical views at Mount Cook, New Zealand. X-T1 + XF18mmF2 R 

How would you describe your shooting style?

That's a hard question because I don't really want to put a label on the style I shoot. Doing that will only restrict me, I feel.

What is your favourite Australian location(s) to shoot?

My favourite locations in Australia, so far, would be anywhere along the coast with cliffs. Bronte [in Sydney] has proved to be pretty cool. And I'm still checking out Brisbane as I've just moved here.

Could you describe your photographic workflow?

If I had one, it would be finding the shot I want wherever I may be, taking the photo, assessing, then changing anything and retaking the shot if need be. Once I get home, I'll put the photos into Lightroom and edit through them. Once I've picked my favourites I'll export and then airdrop to my phone. I'll then put them into VSCO Cam, edit further and share the ones I like the most.


Akaroa is a tiny town outside Christchurch. Worth the visit. X-T1, XF 18mm 

Why did you choose the X-T1?

Because it is a great camera! The X-T1 has full DSLR capabilities jammed into the size of a point and shoot. It's a great all-around camera, which is good to learn on and good to grow with, too.

What are some of your favourite features of the X-T1?

Can I say all of them? The manual dial controls on top are one of my favourite features. They are quick and easy to change while shooting. Combining the manual dials with the live view, both on-screen and in the viewfinder, is a great little combination. The weather resistance is also great because you don't have to worry too much when you're either out in the rain or by the sea; I can still produce great shots no matter the weather.

Which lens(es) do you prefer to use with your X-T1 and why?

Well, at the moment I've got the XF18mm, XF35mm and XF56mm—all of which I love to use. Why do I love using those lenses? Having all three, I have the whole spectrum, from wide to telephoto. Being primes, they make me move, trying to find that right focal length, instead of moving just my hand around the lens and zooming in instead.

VSCO_Cam-1.jpg.jpegThere can't be one lens that I favour, it's no fun that way. Although I would love to get my hands on the XF55-200mm and the XF50-140mm, they look like a lot of fun.

What's the best piece of advice to give photographers who want to capture incredible shots (like yours) using the X-T1?

You don't need to spend thousands on a massive DSLR that you can barely carry around. The X-T1 is a great camera with great features, all you have to do is get creative and use all your resources.

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Rhys Tattersall is an avid photographer who lives in Brisbane. Follow his work on Instagram, @rhys.tattersall. (Photo by Nick Alfie)