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X-thusiast Featured Photographer of the Month: Steven Underhayes

Posted by Fujifilm Australia


Recently we announced our X-thusiast program — a photo sharing community for X-series photographers. Each month, we’ll be choosing a photographer to become our featured photographer of the month. This month, we’re excited to introduce our first featured X-thusiast: Steven Underhayes.

Check out the interview below to learn more about Steven, his inspirations and why he chooses to shoot with X-series cameras.

How did you first become involved in photography?

I've always possessed an artistic and creative side but, due to other commitments, I haven't always had the opportunity to indulge. After returning from Afghanistan in 2010, I took up photography as an outlet of expression. Since then, I’ve been travelling the globe and capturing my adventures.

What inspires you most as a photographer?

Photography has inspired me to seek out new perspectives, new technologies and new locations. I’m inspired to explore the possibilities of what photography and creativity can produce.

What is your favourite Australian location to shoot?

The deep interior of Australia has been a highlight thus far. Last year, I was lucky enough to explore the remote heart of Western Australia with only a four wheel drive and a dirt bike. I ventured into some very large salt lakes to capture the beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s a humbling, yet awe inspiring experience to view the night sky from such a remote location.    



Do you process your images post-production? If so, with what software do you use?

I only shoot in RAF format because these images can be converted to any of the film simulation modes in-camera. I do use Lightroom for minor exposure adjustments and white balance. While travelling with the X100T, I will use the RAW conversion in-camera and pass them to my smartphone via the Fujifilm Photo Receiver app.  

Why did you choose the X100T?

After owning many large DSLR systems, I purchased the X100 in 2011 and was blown away by the impressive power-to-weight ratio. When the 16MP sensor was incorporated into the X100T, I picked one up immediately. It’s become my travel camera of choice.

Navigating a myriad of security checkpoints and sticking to strict carry-on weight limits has rendered my large and heavy DSLR system completely impractical. My last two photography adventures have included the X100T, a smartphone and a wrist strap.   

What are some of your favourite X100T features? What features would you like to see added or adjusted?

The 16MP X-Trans sensor is amazing, and I love the colour rendition offered by the film simulation modes. The ease of setting manipulation (both externally and internally) has become almost second nature.

My only request would be an "intervalometer mode" incorporated into the software. This would assist with astrophotography and time-lapse photography.   

What top 3 - 5 pieces of advice would you give photographers who want to capture incredible shots (like yours) using the X100T?

  • Force the Flash: Don’t forget that this camera has a flash with a high-sync shutter. You can exploit this to take some impressive macro photography. 

  • Explore the Metering Modes: Spot metering is impressive for creating the vignette look many street photographers crave. 

  • Go Manual: The X100T has all the functionality of a professional DSLR, and it’s designed for full control. 

  • Learn the art of Perspective and Composition: Learning the basics of perspective and composition will greatly improve your ability to take images with a fixed focal length camera, regardless of the sensor size. 


To see more of Steven’s incredible work, and work from other X-series photographers, check out the X-thusiast gallery. If you’re passionate about photographing with X-series and looking for a place to engage with other photographers, join the community by submitting your photos. You may be selected to become our next X-thusiast featured photographer of the month!

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