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5 Things You Need to Know about Wide Format Printing

The world around us is becoming more technologically savvy almost half of the Australian population owning a smart phone and children using tablets as if they were toys. Advertising efforts are simultaneously becoming more graphic due to shrinking attention spans. Print shops must adapt—or be left behind.

what to know wide format printingWide format printing offers a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on these trends and make a profit in the increasingly competitive print business. In the following we have captured the top five reasons to consider investing in wide format printing.

Every customer is an opportunity.

While you may have several customers who prefer litho or offset printing, their needs may change over time. They, too, may just be dipping a toe into wide format printing, which you will be able to manage. But as time progresses and their customers and needs become more advanced, so, too, will their wide format orders—and you will be their first choice printer.

You could increase profitability.

Wide format printing provides a lucrative opportunity for your business. With other print methods, there are consumables (such as screens or plates) and labour for prepping those consumables that eat away at your profit. However, with wide format printing, the process is fast and easy to set up and operate. With no delay between jobs, producing a profit can continue nonstop.

A quick return on investment can be expected.

Affordable hardware options and a supportive team can help you make the most of your investment. You are likely to see a favourable ROI soon due to an inexpensive process and lack of consumable costs such as plates or screens.

It is easy to expand on the print skills you already have.

Because you are already a master at your craft, you will experience a minimal learning curve when you decide to take on wide format printing.

You will create a loyal customer base.

Not only could your current customers come to you with their wide format needs, but you may attract a wave of new customers with your fresh service offerings. When you produce high-quality, innovative print materials, your customers will have no need to look elsewhere.

These cover only a handful of reasons to invest in wide format printing. To learn more or to discover how you can make a profit with the service, download our free guide, “How to Make Money with Wide Format Printing”.

How to make money with wide format printing

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how to make money From wide format printing
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