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Building Relationships to Ensure Wide Format Printing Success: 3 Tips

By now, you have researched the benefits of wide format printing, as well as the potentially large return on investment. You know the quality is better than good and run times are quick and convenient. You’ve got your wide format printer all set up and ready to go. Now it is time to get some wide format customers through the doors.

In just about any business, an ongoing relationship with buyers will provide more profit over time than several one off orders. But how do you build these relationships?

Read on for three top tips in building successful and mutually beneficial client relationships:

  1. two men shaking handsGet Involved with the entire project: With other printing projects, you can ask four basic questions: When do you need it? How many do you need? What size? How many colours will it require? But with wide format printing, you can get more involved with client projects and, therefore, reap more profit. When a customer comes to you with a large project, you ask what the print is for, where it is going, what it is supposed to do and who is going to install it. Many print shops will get involved with the delivery and physically display the material. These extra services allow you to charge for an extra service while building a relationship with clients. A one-stop shop is almost always preferred!
  2. Offer a wide range of solutions: Your clients may have some great ideas for their brand but may not know exactly how to execute them. This is where you can serve as a useful resource, whether it is regarding media, inks or general guidance. Do your customers need short-term exterior floor graphics (sometimes considered an oxymoron in the printing world)? Clue them into Street Vinyl and Street Laminate. Have a client who wants to showcase in a tradeshow lobby—which happens to be covered in carpet? No problem! Solvent Carpet Extra can make it happen. By solving your customers’ problems, you will quickly become their go-to printer.
  3. Meet your deadlines: Clients rely on your services to announce sales, introduce new products and advertise movie or book launches. All of these components have one thing in common: time. A majority of wide format printing projects are time sensitive. When you are late, your customers will, in turn, look bad to their bosses, a big no-no if you want to keep business. Alleviate your clients’ worry by meeting their needs—on time. And if there truly is a problem, let your clients know well ahead of time so you can find a solution together. Surprises in business are often not good, so avoid them at all costs.

By following these easy tips, you may be able to not only attract, but keep and nurture relationships with clients well into the future. And chances are, if they are happy with your service, they might tell their friends and partners, ensuring even more business down the road. To learn more about making money with wide format printing, download this free guide today.

How to make money with wide format printing

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how to make money From wide format printing
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