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Fujifilm's UVISTAR: A Superior Platform for Superwide Graphics

Still waiting to make the switch to ultraviolet (UV) printing? If you're dealing with wide format jobs, you can hardly afford not to! UV ink cures instantly, the printing process is clean and efficient and you can achieve far faster speeds compared to traditional inkjet printers. Plus, newer UV ink technologies will allow you expand your offerings into media such as polyethylene, PVC and backlit film. And, even if you're not going after superwide jobs now, a state-of-the-art UV printer will help you to gain new customers and offer more complete marketing packages in the future. Even while posters and signs are being replaced with screens, print remains critical for billboards, fence signs and other superwide venues.

Introducing the UVISTAR Series

empty billboardFujifilm's UVISTAR printers are perfect for point-of-purchase applications, billboards, fence signs and more. They produce high-quality prints at blazing fast speeds, and they're far more flexible than traditional inkjets. When you implement a UVISTAR into your workflows, you can expect:

  • Options: You'll choose between a 3.5m or a 5m machine with 32 configurations. Both are designed for high-volume superwide commercial printing.
  • Multiple Rolls: For narrower jobs, the 5m Uvistar 5032 will allow you to print up to three 1.6m rolls at once, effectively tripling your output. You'll be able to take on more jobs, and your clients will get quicker turnarounds.
  • Versatility: Both the 3.5m and 5m are capable of printing onto standard production papers, PVC, PE, backlit film and even textiles. You'll face far fewer worries over which of your printers can handle each job.
  • Incredible Speeds: The UVISTAR line is capable of more than 300 square metres per hour of throughput in single-pass mode. With ink that cures in seconds, you won't have to worry about drying times, either.
  • Clear Images: The Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet system delivers a true resolution of 600dpi and apparent resolution of 1,200dpi. You'll also get the most vivid colors possible with Fujifilm's Uvijet QK UV curable inks.
  • Efficient Handling: The easy media loading system only requires 30cm of waste per print and allows up to 340kg of roll weight. Fast startup and simple maintenance procedures also limit down time.

Success at Civic Media

Fast-growing printer Civic Media has dramatically improved its output since implementing the Uvistar 5m model. Founded in 2009, the company began by supplying signage and banners to construction sites – a market where high-quality imaging was sorely lacking. “We noticed that printing on construction sites was poor quality, so we marketed our products as similar to point-of-sale quality”, said founder and Director Adam Middleton.

As the brand found success in this untapped market, its growth eventually created serious bottlenecks in production. Its previous UV machines were constantly breaking, and the company lost a great deal of money on maintenance and downtime. To speed up turnaround times and maintain image quality, Middleton moved all jobs to the Uvistar 5m.

Despite decommissioning its four older printers, Civic saw an immediate increase in productivity. “A 400 metre job that used to take more than a day to print now takes about 80 minutes. It's changed our production dramatically”, Middleton said. With that kind of throughput, the company is now able to fulfill requests at far more competitive speeds. “Our initial pitch was quality, but now it's quality and turnaround times”, he added. “We scrapped our old machines for the Fujifilm Uvistar 5m, and now our output is so high, we can turn jobs around in days, instead of more than a week”. With the time and money saved, Civic Media is also expanding into new markets and moving its finishing jobs in-house.

Discover how the Fujifilm Uvistar series can help your business save time and money, too. Contact a graphic systems representative today.

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