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Real World Successes with the Fujifilm Jet Press 720

Any new printer is an investment for printing companies, so ensuring you make the right equipment decision for you and your company. Read on to find out how to printing shops found themselves with the equipment of their dreams. Read on for a couple of recent success stories from our European partners.


win winOver in Italy, FASERVICE has been making great use of the Jet Press 720 since March of this year. The company focused on pre-press services at its founding in 1997 but moved toward varnishing, laminating, embossing and other finishing techniques in 2004. In order to offer a more complete range of services to its customers, it needed a flexible printer with superb print quality. “This Fujijilm solution raises the bar because it bridges the gap between offset and digital print quality”, said owner Renzo Farinati.

FASERVICE is now finally able to begin a variety of ambitious new projects. Limited editions, personalised covers, inserts and several other short-run productions are now possible, and they'll be able to do the printing and finishing in-house. “Thanks to the Jet Press 720, we plan to grow our range of services and our potential customer base, who today we can offer convenient and innovative solutions for reprints and limited editions”, Farinati said. “From food and beverage to design, fashion to travel and hospitality, there are no limits to the sectors we can approach, offering eye-catching, tactile print solutions”.

Arian GmbH

In Austria, POP and POS manufacturer Arian GmbH has had similar success. A world leader in both screen and digital printing, the company used to outsource small run jobs, but ultimately found it impossible to achieve in-house quality and service levels for those customers. By implementing the Jet Press 720, it gained the ability to quickly produce a wide variety of supplementary materials for clients. “We can now fulfill every type of job for our POS customers from small to ultra-large format”, said CEO Stephan Kollegger. “As the market trend is for lower run lengths, we can now produce small runs of flyers and brochures in-house”.

With the 720 in place, Arian is able to offer a high-quality, 3- to 5-day fulfillment service for small format POS, posters, flyers and brochures. This represents a big value-add for its current customer base, and has also allowed the store to bring all of its printing in-house. “The Jet Press 720 also complements the ultra high-quality work we produce for some very demanding clients”, Kollegger added. “When we started investigating this type of digital press last year, we concluded that the Jet Press 720 produced the best of print quality, something that was critical for us as our customers expect the very best”.

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