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Knowing Your Wide Format Printing Competition: Why It’s a Must

We’ve discussed marketing your wide format printing business both around the city and on the Internet. But there is one more step you must take to ensure your brand is reaching its full potential—you must research your competition. This should be a priority for your printing business, especially if you are recently established.

Discovering Strengths and Weaknesses

wide format business successTaking note of other printers’ strengths and weaknesses will help you better understand your own. Do the wide format printers down the road offer more media options than you? Are their prices sky high? This is all pertinent information you must compare to your own in order to be successful when being a monopoly simply isn’t an option.

A Word on Pricing

Do not automatically assume selling your services for less than the competition will bring you hoards of business. This is especially risky for new businesses. If you start out selling prints at cost, your customers will not appreciate it when you raise the prices in order to turn a profit. Know your value and charge accordingly. For example, do you use a topline wide format printer whereas the competition merely uses a model from years ago?

Customer Service Can Make a World of Difference

Having a bad experience can turn customers into customers of the competition. Never give business owners who come to you with their print needs a bad experience by ensuring all parts of your business are running like a well-oiled machine: Train all customer-facing employees in a manner you intend for them to treat customers, and make sure your equipment is up-to-date and well maintained.

Consider a Consultant

If you feel awkward scoping out other printers in your area, consider working with a consultant. Provide a list of what you want information regarding, including pricing, and he or she will bring you back the data you desire. This can be very helpful when debating what printing equipment to purchase, which inks and media to supply and how to determine pricing.

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