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Civic Media Saving Time and Money with Fujifilm’s UVISTAR

In today’s market, printers are finding they need to offer a wide range of services in order to stay competitive. In addition to this, printers also need to keep their prices competitive, so it’s important to save time and money wherever possible.

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Building Relationships to Ensure Wide Format Printing Success: 3 Tips

By now, you have researched the benefits of wide format printing, as well as the potentially large return on investment. You know the quality is better than good and run times are quick and convenient. You’ve got your wide format printer all set up and ready to go. Now it is time to get some wide format customers through the doors.

In just about any business, an ongoing relationship with buyers will provide more profit over time than several one off orders. But how do you build these relationships?

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Printers Are Capable of More than Just Advertising: One Even Saved a Life

Imagine: A printer that can build body parts—a machine that can save lives. We no longer have to imagine; a 3-D printer saved a six-week-old child’s life just last year. The boy, Kaiba Gionfriddo, stopped breathing while at a restaurant with his father, who performed CPR until the child could be admitted to the local hospital. Doctors assumed the child had simply breathed food or liquid into his lung, and the problem was fixed. However, Kaiba stopped breathing again two days later, and again after that…and again after that.

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