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Three Fujifilm Brillia HD Pro-T3 Plates Success Stories

With more than 2,000 installations since launch, the Brillia HD Pro-T3 Plates have already gained an impressive track record among high-performance print companies around the world. Read on to discover how three print shops are finding success with the Pro-T3!

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Importance of Considering the Environment when Printing with Plates

You already know the benefits of caring for the environment. Ecosimply lists 12 reasons everyone should care about the environment, including limiting gross landfill stench, preserving beaches and saving the polar bears. But did you know tackling environmental issues has business benefits, too?

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Real World Successes with the Fujifilm Jet Press 720

Any new printer is an investment for printing companies, so ensuring you make the right equipment decision for you and your company. Read on to find out how to printing shops found themselves with the equipment of their dreams. Read on for a couple of recent success stories from our European partners.

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The Jet Press 720: Revolutionising Digital B2 Printing

Do you want the speed and flexibility of a digital printer, but need the crisp quality of an offset or screen unit? With the Fujifilm Jet Press 720, you can now have best of both worlds. Neither an offset nor a traditional POD press, the 720 is a 4-color B2 inkjet that's faster, sharper and easier to use than any other sheet-fed press. It can help digital print companies to maximise their output, profit and customer satisfaction, but it can also allow pre-press and finishing organisations to expand their offerings.

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Fujifilm's UVISTAR: A Superior Platform for Superwide Graphics

Still waiting to make the switch to ultraviolet (UV) printing? If you're dealing with wide format jobs, you can hardly afford not to! UV ink cures instantly, the printing process is clean and efficient and you can achieve far faster speeds compared to traditional inkjet printers. Plus, newer UV ink technologies will allow you expand your offerings into media such as polyethylene, PVC and backlit film. And, even if you're not going after superwide jobs now, a state-of-the-art UV printer will help you to gain new customers and offer more complete marketing packages in the future. Even while posters and signs are being replaced with screens, print remains critical for billboards, fence signs and other superwide venues.

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Building Relationships to Ensure Wide Format Printing Success: 3 Tips

By now, you have researched the benefits of wide format printing, as well as the potentially large return on investment. You know the quality is better than good and run times are quick and convenient. You’ve got your wide format printer all set up and ready to go. Now it is time to get some wide format customers through the doors.

In just about any business, an ongoing relationship with buyers will provide more profit over time than several one off orders. But how do you build these relationships?

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Printers Are Capable of More than Just Advertising: One Even Saved a Life

Imagine: A printer that can build body parts—a machine that can save lives. We no longer have to imagine; a 3-D printer saved a six-week-old child’s life just last year. The boy, Kaiba Gionfriddo, stopped breathing while at a restaurant with his father, who performed CPR until the child could be admitted to the local hospital. Doctors assumed the child had simply breathed food or liquid into his lung, and the problem was fixed. However, Kaiba stopped breathing again two days later, and again after that…and again after that.

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Print Shops Expand Signage Services with Wide Format Printing

You may be used to printing posters and other advertising collateral, but when you invest in a wide format printer, the services you are able to offer can increase exponentially. In fact, several printing companies across the country are experiencing an increase in business after purchasing new wide format printers. Read on to find out how business has expanded for these suppliers and how yours can, too.

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Wide Format Printing Challenge: Short-term Exterior Floor Graphics

While wide format printing offers plenty of opportunities for lowering labour costs and increasing profits, it does come with a few challenges. Customers sometimes have off-the-wall requests – literally! And sometimes weather does not always work well with client desires or timing does not mesh well with materials available. In the following you’ll find tips for one such challenge: finding the right media for short-term, exterior floor graphics.

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Ask These Questions Before Starting any Wide Format Printing Project

Imagine a print customer comes to you asking for a large advertisement to be created. He gives you an image and asks for three large banners for his franchises around town. He then leaves, saying he will be back in 10 days for the finished product. Sounds easy, right?

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