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There was a great 1970s song by Bob Dylan called “Watching the River Flow.” In his poetic lyrical style, he summarized that you can just sit on a sandbank and watch the river flow past and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Workflows should be like that in the graphic arts industries, but often the ‘flow’ is interrupted by logjams, flotsam and side-eddies swirling around and swallowing files. Sometimes a particular type of ‘boat’ just won’t float on the surface and tributaries get dammed up before they get a chance to mingle with the main stream.

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Wide Format Printing Challenge: Short-term Exterior Floor Graphics

While wide format printing offers plenty of opportunities for lowering labour costs and increasing profits, it does come with a few challenges. Customers sometimes have off-the-wall requests – literally! And sometimes weather does not always work well with client desires or timing does not mesh well with materials available. In the following you’ll find tips for one such challenge: finding the right media for short-term, exterior floor graphics.

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Understanding the Basics of Inkjet and Wide Format Printing

You may not even realise how many examples of wide format printing you pass on a daily basis. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, are in plain sight as you walk down any high street: On buildings, in shop displays, on vehicles, at bus stops. In shops, floor graphics guide our footsteps, three-dimensional POP tempts us to pick up and purchase, signs guide us to the products we want, special offers encourage us to buy what the shop wants us to.

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Screen Printing Versus Wide Format Printing: The Pros and Cons

Depending on the print run, there may be one method of printing that is more cost-effective than the other. So how do you know what it is? It may just be a numbers game.

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