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The Diverse Media Available for Wide Format Printing

Despite the trend toward smart screens, large-format liquid-crystal displays and other digital media, the wide-format printing business is still booming – particularly for shops that get creative with new and improved materials. Given the right equipment and a keen eye for design, just about any surface can become prime real estate for vibrant, well-printed ads and displays. Here are just a few of the diverse media available to wide format printers today.

Banners: The basic banner shape is perfect for a variety of venues, including product displays, trade show exhibitions and billboards. For customers who want even larger and more eye-catching ads, banners can also be applied to scaffolds, privacy screens and even the sides of buildings. Recent developments in banner materials include:

  • Matte finishes that prevent reflection and glare keep consumers' eyes on your displays in bright conditions and help you outperform washed-out digital displays
  • Mesh backings to protect surfaces and ink from erosion maintain images in even the strongest winds and storms
  • Gloss finishes for more vibrant colors
  • Tear-resistant papers for long-term outdoor displays help you offer longevity and value to your clients' purchases
  • Flame retardants for fire- and smoke-heavy outdoor venues
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Show Off Your Wide Format Printing Services Online: 2 Must-Use Platforms

Your business is visual by nature. As a wide format printer, you create beautiful works of art on a regular basis, but only a small part of the world ever gets to see them. As we discussed in our previous blog, marketing your business is a must if you hope to survive. And if you have not already, it is imperative you begin utilising the Internet as a place to showcase your work.

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Marketing Your Wide Format Printing Business: 3 Tips

Whether you have been in business six months or six years, you need to market your services in order to survive. Never stop thinking about how you can enhance your sales; marketing your wide format printing services should be Step 1. Here we take a look at three top tips—from big and bold to social and engaging—for marketing your wide format printing business.

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