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3 Secrets to Superior Service for Photo Retailers

retailers_customer_service_Every retailer understands the importance of great customer service. Without it, your business will struggle to remain successful and establish loyal customers. “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will,” says Alan Lowe, director of the Australian Customer Service Awards (ACSA).

Whilst many businesses are investing valuable resources in the areas of marketing, online shopping channels and shopping technology, retailers must continue to invest in developing a meaningful shopping experience for customers through their staff. Independent photo retailers are particularly well positioned to provide superior customer service by showcasing your expertise, attention to detail and high-quality products—all of which will empower your customers to express their creativity, preserve moments and share experiences through printed photos.

To ensure your staff is well equipped to gain business from tech-savvy photo hobbyists, here are three things you and your staff need to do:

1. Showcase Your Expertise

Your customers value your expert opinion and seek your guidance as a professional photo retailer. Make sure your staff is fully educated on your photo offering and empower them to recommend specific products or solutions to your customers’ photofinishing challenges.

Train your staff to give positive reinforcement and constructive input to customers who have trusted you to produce their creative product.

2. Showcase Your High-Quality Products

Your photo retail center should showcase a wider offering of products and tools customers can use to carry out their vision. From digital photo kiosks to luxury printing materials, your staff should be able to recommend the right selection of products to fulfill your customers’ needs.

Another way to ensure customers can get more familiar with your products is by using helpful pre-creation aids. For example, one barrier to making photo books is that prospective customers don’t know where to begin. Create in-store materials to outline the steps required to make a photo book along with the features and benefits to motivate them. Showcasing examples of high-quality work can also entice your customers to take advantage of your product offering.

3. Create a Comfortable Shopping Environment

It is also critical for your staff to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment where customers can shop with ease, even throughout your photo center. Customer service personnel should be attentive, proactive and able to answer any questions or concerns from customers.

For instance, if your staff is unable to address a customer inquiry, ensure your staff has easy access to the information they need to resolve it.

Focusing on these three areas of customer service will help your photo retail offering stand out from competitors and position your business for success.

Are you interested in offering photo printing services at your store? A retail innovation representative can guide you as you implement a kiosk in your retail shop in a customer- friendly manner. Contact us today!

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