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5 Reasons You Need Print to Run Your Business

printIn today’s digital world, you would think print has lost its value – however, the truth is print is still absolutely vital for business. Whilst a lot of our communication is done digitally, we still need to utilise print strategies such as billboards, business cards and print advertising in order to best market our business. 

Here, we discuss five reasons why every business today needs to utilise print within their organisation.

1. When almost everything is done digitally, print can become more effective

Think about it – you’re so used to seeing advertisements on the web you probably ignore them or don’t take any notice. But when something turns up in your mailbox, it may grab your attention. In fact, studies have shown 80 percent of American households either read or scan print advertising mail that has been sent to their house. Whether it’s a direct mail post card, billboard on high street or eye-catching posters around town, you can count on print to introduce new products or services, reinforce your brand message or drive traffic to your website

2. Print can increase online search

We’re not saying print should replace your digital marketing or business efforts but rather enhance those efforts. Print can help encourage buyers to visit your website, as studies have shown 40 percent of online search is driven by offline messages. Be sure to include a simple URL on your print collateral, and let buyers know what they can expect when they visit your site.

3. Print can differentiate your business

Consumers often choose a recognizable brand over an unknown brand when deciding between two similar products or services with the same price. That’s why your business needs to stand out from the crowd in order to create long term trust and gain repeat customers. Utilise print to get your message, logo and imagery in front of your consumers. Research where your target audience spends its time and enlist the help of posters, brochures, flyers, letterheads and other creative pieces of print to ensure your branding stands out in buyers’ minds. 

4. Print showcases what you have to offer

Before a buyer chooses to work with you, it is likely he or she will want to view your past work. What better way to show off your portfolio than with print? Clear, precise imagery will help you communicate quality to your future customers. In addition, smaller printed pieces can list all your offerings in a convenient keepsake size that will continue to remind prospects of your business weeks and even months after their initial interaction. 

5. Print helps you deliver your information fast

Business cards are still the easiest and quickest way to share your information when you meet someone face to face. They also never fail because they’re not dealing with dead spots or Internet issues the way smartphones do. In addition, spec sheets, data cards and even small posters can offer buyers a summary of your services without having to track down further information.

As you can see, print still has its place in today’s world – and it may even be more effective than ever before! The Harvey Norman Print Shop offers everything from business stationery and business cards to flyers, brochures, banners and more. Stores are open 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to stop in and let us help you with your print needs. 

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