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Top 7 Places for Event Photography

bizziBoxRemember that feeling of “I wish I could live in this moment forever” from your childhood? Every fibre of your body is having fun—from the smile plastered on your face to your toes curled in excitement. You begged your parents to take you to the zoo or the waterpark or the soccer match, and now you’re there, and it is everything you had hoped it would be. You’ve not only seen an crocodile but you’ve held it in your hands; or you just witnessed a goal by your favourite player. These are the moments you want to remember. If only this moment could last forever…

As a professional photographer, you have the ability to make this wish come true for children and adults using portable event photography solutions, all while turning a potential profit. The trick is finding the right opportunities at the right locations. Working with venue owners can create a valuable partnership for both you and the owner. Here, we share the top seven places event photographers can help create memories with portable solutions and instant photographs.

The Zoo: Parents make the decision to take their children to the zoo, not just to see the animals, but to develop memories. Children are so filled with joy when they see monkeys like Curious George, penguins like Mumble from Happy Feet, or real bears and tigers like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Parents will be happy to purchase professional photographs that capture this joy.

Party Venues: What day is more exciting to a child (or an adult for that matter) than his birthday? A day of celebration surrounded by family and friends—what could be better? Party venues, especially those for children (think swim clubs, pizza joints, and ice skating rinks) are ripe with opportunity for instant photography business.

Recreation Destinations: Go-cart tracks, mini-golf, and arcades are meant for bonding. Whether it is a father and his son, a group of teenagers, or a babysitter and her crew, these spots serve as relationship builders. And what extends those bonds? Photos. Help these groups keep their relationships flourishing with a little reminder of the fun-filled day they spent together.

Animal Experiences: When a child holds an crocodile or a snake, or cuddles a koala or kisses a dolphin, they want to tell their friends about it. And when her friends wave her off in disbelief, she can produce proof in the form of a photo taken and printed at the scene of the brag-worthy event.

Weddings: This one is more for those hard-working, busy-as-a-bee adults who finally have a reason to let go and have a good time—their friends fell in love and are getting hitched! Portable photography, which allows for images to be printed right at the reception, helps guests remember those good times and can even create a lively keepsake for the bride and groom.

Theme Parks: Capturing a child’s pride after finishing the tallest waterslide or his admiration while meeting his favourite comic book character is a moment that parents will want to remember forever. When you offer instant access to these memories with portable photography solutions, you help families not only make memories, but showcase them, too.

Sporting Events: Children grow up idealizing sports stars, so when they finally get to see a game-winning shot or a nearly impossible goal, they experience a defining moment in their lives: a memory that solidifies their love for the game for life. Catching this feeling on paper is not something that game goers think of in the moment. But with your helpful reminder, they can have a lasting memory of that day.

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