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10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Children at Events

Children are often fidgety, easily distracted, impulsive, and defiant. They are also dramatic and energetic, two traits great for photography! Getting an impressive shot of a toddler or child may be challenging, but this age group often provides the most opportunity for portable event photography. Parents attempt to preserve the memories created at theme parks, animal experiences, and birthday parties before the child will remember them on his own.

To help you achieve the best possible event photos of children, follow these 10 tips:

The Setup:

  1. taking photos of children at eventsSet up your portable event photography solution in an area well lit with natural light. If this ideal situation is not possible, use an external flash with a diffuser to produce indirect light, a flattering option.
  2. The right aperture setting will help you achieve a blurred background effect that keeps a child’s precious face squarely in focus. Start with f5.6 and adjust up and down as you shoot.
  3. As mentioned, children are fast movers, so you will want your shutter speed to be extremely quick in order to capture a sharp, accurate image. Try to keep it at 1/200th of a second or faster for best results.
  4. Set your options to single point focussing. As a child moves around, you will want to know exactly where your camera is focusing.

The Children:

  1. The last thing you want to do is shoot down at a child and make her appear inferior when you are really trying to give her parents a meaningful keepsake. Be sure to shoot children on their level; to do so, you may need to provide a riser or stool so the camera is level with their eyes or slightly below.
  2. When children are truly enjoying themselves, you can see it in their eyes. Pay close attention to this facial attribute, and use them as your focus point.
  3. Do your best to make the mini photo shoot as fun as possible for children. Include them in the process by showing them a few pictures after you have taken them. Tell jokes or ask them to show you their funniest face to loosen them up. When the child is relaxed, you will be able to capture genuine shots, including the essence of the event.
  4. If a child is nervous or uncooperative, ask a parent or friend to get in the shot, as well. Not only will this add context to the story you are telling, but it will give the child another element to interact with. By introducing a relationship into your image, you can capture the feelings the child is portraying.
  5. Shooting candidly will also help you uncover true emotion and joy, especially when children are uneasy in front of the camera. A genuine smile can only be captured when a child is not self-conscious; these are the photos that families treasure most. Avoid asking your subjects to “say cheese”.
  6. Most of all—be patient. Talk to the child and engage with him in order to invoke emotion and ease. And shoot more shots than you need. Since digital photography is unlimited, you can shoot fast and often to capture the best possible frame.

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