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Evoking Emotion: 6 Methods for Memorable Photographs at Events

The best photographs are those that evoke emotion. From utter happiness to wrenching heartbreak, photographs have the power to make us feel a full range of emotions. As a portable event photographer, how do you take photographs at events that evoke emotions so strong, people linger on the image? Read on!

1. Tell a Story:

One of the most important methods is story-telling; Photographers are visual storytellers. If you want to become the best portable event photographer, you must be a good storyteller first. Two things can help make you a good storyteller:

  • event photographer tips for evoking emotionPreparation: An amateur photographer is a person who waits for photo-worthy events to happen in front of their eyes. A professional photographer knows that the best shots come from preparation. Successful portable event photographers gather information about proposed locations, the target market and connecting the relationship and link between the two before taking photographs.

  • Intimacy: Portable event photographers have a difficult job. In order to take a photograph subjects or parents will want to purchase, they must capture intimate, spontaneous moments without invading personal space. While you can achieve this by using a long lens to take the photograph from a distance, great photographers take time to connect with their subjects first, then giving them time to return to routine activity.

Other Methods

Telling a story through a photograph is the best method for evoking emotion, but it’s not the only way to make memorable photographs. Portable event photographers can use their eye for detail to select the right opportunity to ignite a particular emotion in viewers.

2. Colour:

You likely learned that people have different reactions to specific hues and colors in a beginner’s photography class. Colours like red and black, for example, are aggressive. Stressing these colors can make a photograph seem more confrontational, so you’ll want to avoid them when snapping photographs intended as parents’ keepsakes. Soft blues and greens, on the other hand, can be tranquil and emotionally calming.

3. Contrast:

Similar to colour is contrast. Contrast is the separation between the darkest and brightest areas of the image. Increasing the image contrast means you increase the separation between dark and bright, making shadows darker and highlights brighter, whereas decreasing the contrast means you lighten the shadows and bring the highlights down. Strong contrast is an aggressive element and weak contrast can be calming.

4. Symmetry:

Symmetry in pictures can evoke a sense of order and predictability. Photographs with symmetrical subject matter, like a perfectly centered person walking down a country road, can elicit a feeling of completeness and relaxation in viewers. Asymmetrical photographs are the exact opposite; they can evoke emotions of chaos and unrest.

5. Light and Shadow:

Light manipulation is one of the simplest ways to evoke emotions from photographs. Light makes a photograph seem more cheerful, while increased shadows, especially shadows across the face, can make a photograph intimidating, even scary. As a portable event photographer, you’ll likely be working with natural sunlight. For tips on taking better quality photographs in the sunlight, see the previous blog.

6. Depth:

Creating depth in an image can create a sense of closeness or isolation. Close-up photographs of subjects create an intimate, personal feeling in viewers. Photographs that are taken farther away evoke the opposite emotion; they make subjects appear isolated, alone, and distant.

Understanding and implementing these methods the next time you’re taking photographs at an event can help you take memorable photographs that evoke the right emotions from viewers.

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