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Portable Event Photographers: Choosing the Best Photograph for Customers

Through years of amateur and professional practice, portable event photographers acquire a sense for the kinds of moments that make memorable photographs. And by continuously studying photography composition best practices, portable event photographers can capture numerous impactful photographs in just a few minutes.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for portable event photographers to end up with five, 10, or even 20 intriguing photographs customers are sure to love. But you’ll be pressed to find customers who will want to purchase a whole booklet of similar photographs, which means you’ll need to quickly choose the best photograph from the set. So how do you do it?

select the best photo for customersCheck out these tips for choosing the best photograph for customers:

Look for Unintended Clutter: Clutter is anything in the photograph that distracts from your main subject. Clutter can be other people who unknowingly wandered into the background of the shot, your subject’s personal belongings (like her purse or unworn shoes strewn on the ground), or litter. If you have a similar photograph without clutter (for example, if you snapped a tighter shot where clutter is not visible), eliminate the photograph with clutter when showing your customers options.

Crooked Framing or Lines: Meandering framing or lines (both vertical and horizontal) don’t necessarily ruin a photograph, but they can be unsettling to viewers. Say, for example, you’re photographing a child in front of an animal exhibit at the zoo. If there’s one photograph where the base of the glass slightly leans to the left or right and another where the base of the glass is perfectly horizontal, choose the latter. Portable event photography solutions like FujiFilm’s bizziBOX make it easy to keep framing and lines level.

Look for Fuzziness: Leaving your main subject or even the whole photo out of focus is a nice technique portable event photographers can experiment with when looking for new ways to please customers. Unintentional fuzziness, however, can detract from the final product. Eliminate photographs where the subject’s face (or another important feature) is unintentionally fuzzy.

Eliminate Duplicates: It’s common for portable event photographers to use quick shutter speeds to capture fidgety or quick-moving subjects in order to capture sharp, accurate images. A speed like 1/200th of a second can result in several nearly identical photographs. To avoid overwhelming your customers with an onslaught of images, eliminate duplicates and photographs that are highly similar in composition and form.

Find the Best Facial Expressions: An easy way to scare your customers away from purchasing your photographs is to present them with unflattering options. Children, especially, tend to express exactly what they’re feeling, smelling and experiencing on their faces. Customers may not want to purchase photographs of your subject scrunching his nose in distaste. Present your customers with emotions they’ll want to remember.

To learn more about portable event photography solutions, like the bizziBOX, contact Fujifilm today.

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