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The Mobile Moment Is Now—3 Ways to Engage Your Mobile Customers

engage-mobile-customersIn our technology-driven society, your customers’ attention spans are only getting shorter. According to data from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span today is only 8.25 seconds, nearly four seconds shorter than 15 years ago. This trend could be attributed to the staggering rise of smartphone and tablet adoption.

For example, Australian smartphone penetration is the highest the industry has seen at 89 percent. The AIMIA 2014 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) study also revealed one-third of those who don’t already have a smartphone or tablet are planning to purchase one in the next 12 months.

While the infatuation with digital and mobile technology is growing every day, brick-and-mortar retailers can capitalise on the trend to capture consumers’ attention in store. If you’re looking to engage your digital consumers and gain their attention in new ways, here are three tactics you can use:

Create a tablet-friendly environment to showcase apps and in-store promotions. In-store tablets can provide an engaging retail experience for your customers. And, as it turns out, many customers prefer to consume digital content while they’re in stores. According to a Gesturetek Arbitron study, 53 percent of customers reported that digital content is more interesting and preferred over traditional printed signs and in-store collateral.

By incorporating digital content into in-store tablets, you can ensure your promotions are front and center as you provide an engaging digital experience for customers.

Encourage people to take and share photos of food, friends and the in-store experience. Encouraging people to take photos in store is one way to engage users with their digital devices and build buzz for your business at the same time. If your customer base consists of playful, community-oriented customers, photography-driven activities allow them to get creative by taking, uploading and sharing interesting photos they take while in your store.

The National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) took this approach to drive online engagement and interactivity. Users were encouraged to take a selfie while making a specific hand symbol, a gesture to build awareness for the brand and the alliance’s mission. Participants could promote their own selfie on social media to increase their chances of winning an iPad.


Give customers the ability to print photos in store. In addition to enticing consumers to take and share their photos with your brand, you can provide a platform that allows them to print photos from their mobile devices while in store. Whether you provide a mobile app they can use to order prints directly from their smartphones or a tablet-sized photo-printing kiosk, in-store photo printing solutions allow customers to print photos on the go and create tangible memories with your brand.

If you’re ready to engage the digital consumer, we share more creative tactics in our eBook, Tablets, Smartphones & Revenue: How Retailers Can Win the Mobile Customer. Download your free copy to explore how you can create a branded mobile app experience and provide a flexible photo-printing platform right in your store!


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