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Helping Customers Print Photos More Easily: Introducing TransPix App

transpix-1Have you ever gone into a store to print pictures and realized, when you got there, you forgot your USB cables and memory card? Have you ever been running errands around town and thought, “Hey, maybe I should stop at the store and print out my pictures,” only to realize you don’t have the necessary equipment with you to do so?

Your customers have been in this situation numerous times, and because of that, they often have to turn around and go home. In other words, they’re not entering your store, and that’s a problem for your business.

That’s why Fujifilm recently released a new app for helping customers print out their pictures at your photo kiosks, even if they don’t have the right equipment on hand. It’s called TransPix. 

TransPix for Your Customers

Here’s how your buyers can easily print photos using the new TransPix App: 

  1. First, customers download the TransPix app onto their smartphones. TransPix is now available for iOS and will soon be available for Android devices.
  2. Next, they will need to connect the network setting on their phones to the TransPix WiFi network.
  3. After the welcome screen pops up, the app will ask the user to select a kiosk from the list.
  4. The user will then be able to preview all the pictures on his or her phone.
  5. Pictures can then be selected for printing by simply clicking “send.”
  6. The selected images will then be transferred from the phone to the kiosk. 
  7. A confirmation page will appear on the phone. The user should then ensure all photos are on the kiosk screen. Clicking the “continue” button will then move on to the next page where photos can be printed on Fujifilm crystal-archive paper.

How to Install TransPix in Your Photo Centre 

Fujifilm will install a wireless extension in your store and provide you an authorised wireless license key so you can activate the app. When a customer uses his or her smartphone to connect to your store’s WiFi, TransPix can select your kiosk, which is listed on the smartphone. From there, the customer will be able to transfer his or her images to your kiosk and print them. 

That sounds pretty easy, right? Here’s what you’d get in your TransPix photo centre kit: a self-installation user guide CD, software license and protection dongle, kiosk signage, promotional TransPix fliers, and a wireless access point device. Along with that, you also get complete technical support from Fujifilm, in case you still need help or have questions.

The Bottom Line

Think about it: Would you rather let your customers walk away when they forget their equipment, or would you rather take advantage of Fujifilm’s TransPix app and make it easier for your customers to print out their photos? As a storeowner, you know getting customers into your store often means making a sale. 

So don’t let your customers get away. Make photo printing easier for them, and get them into your store. For more information, get your TransPix photo centre kit at

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