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Making Your Retail Shop More Customer Friendly

You might sell the greatest products in the world or offer services that surpass every other company in your suburb – but if your shop isn’t laid out in a customer friendly and attractive way, your store won’t reach its fullest potential.

Your shop’s layout not only affects how many people are coming into the store – but how many people are buying your products – and how much they’re buying, too. Product displays, purchase areas, service counters and aisle setup all influence consumer behaviour. We’re going to look at some of the discreet ways you can make your shop more customer friendly – and hopefully increase sales.

window_shoppingMinimise Clutter

Clutter is distracting and off-putting and can give your customers the impression you don’t care – or you’re incredibly disorganised. Customers will often avoid crowded or narrowed aisles, missing out on the opportunity to buy a whole range of products.

Watch Where Your Customers Go

When your customers walk into your shop – where do they go? Do they walk to the right hand side aisles – or the left – or do they walk straight down the middle? Notice where your customers are in your store and use that knowledge to your advantage; make sure their path is clear and that you have attention grabbing in-store displays.

Try Not to Hide

Sometimes we put things out of the way so customers don’t get bumped or so we don’t overcrowd an area. But those out-of-the-way areas are also out of sight, so customers may not even know about them. For a store with photo centre kiosks, for example, you will want to have those kiosks in an area that can be seen when looking into the shop so customers know that they’re there.

Find What Works

Every store has different needs – so you need to find what works for you. The layout you find at your local Woolworths store won’t necessarily work for a small store that has limited space. Where possible, try to have a free flowing layout since that also increases the likeliness of impulse buys.

Have a Single Purchase Area

Again, this may not work for all stores, however, customers often find that too many counters confuse customers – and staff. Having a single purchase area will bring order to your store and give you more room for your products and displays.

Make Your Store Mum Friendly

Think about it – a mum with a baby or toddler in a stroller is going to avoid the stores she knows she simply can’t get into. Or she’ll have to make a rushed dash as she leaves the stroller in an open area of the shop. These mums may be your biggest customers – so make sure your store is inviting to them.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Take care to ensure that your store has good visibility. Customers don’t want to be searching up high or down low for products – and they’ll often miss those products entirely. Ensure that everything in your store can be easily seen as you walk around.

Grab Attention at the Door

People are drawn to window displays and entrances. After all, they’re the first thing they see. Strategically place signage or decorate your window beautifully so people will stop to take notice. Be sure that at least a few products are visible to those outside the store so you can draw them in.

Are you interested in offering photo printing services at your store? A retail innovation representative can guide you as you implement a kiosk in your retail shop in a customer-friendly manner. Contact us today!

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