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Marketing Your Digital Photo Kiosk on Social Media: 6 Tips

marketing_kiosk_social_mediaSocial media has taken the business world by storm, and companies both large and small can scarcely afford to ignore it. If anything, social services like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are now even more important than standalone websites when it comes to gaining new business and fostering long-term relationships with customers.

So, whether you're operating your digital photo kiosks out of an independent retail outlet or a large chain franchise, you need to maintain a solid social presence to bring in new business. A few posts every now and again just won't do, and a ghost town of a page may look even worse than not having one at all! Here are six tips to follow as you're putting up daily posts to promote your kiosk and store.

1. Know Your Customers: You may be selling specific products and services, but just as in any industry, you're marketing to people first and foremost. Before you worry about specific deals, new products or even the specific social sites you're going to use, you've got to understand your customer base! Who comes into your store, and who might actually pay to use your photo kiosks? Are they tech savvy, and how much time do they spend online? You've got to answer these questions as clearly as possible before you start writing posts or syndicating content.

2. Showcase Your Store: While digital photo printing is a high-demand business, few people are going to visit an unknown outlet just to get some pictures. If you want to attract business on social media, follow the same philosophy you use in your store – make it as inviting as possible!

When it comes to your day-to-day posting, this will mean that you've got to spend at least as much time promoting other aspects of your store as you do your kiosks. Showcase special deals on convenience items, office supplies, food and other big money-makers. Highlight new sections, new product lines and store renovations, as well. Even if they're only looking for one or a handful of items, photo kiosk customers want to visit vibrant, lively stores.

3. Ask for Followers: “Liking” or following businesses may seem second-nature for today's tech-savvy crowd of consumers, but people still need calls to action! While you certainly don't want to spam for Facebook likes or Twitter follows, you do need to encourage people to subscribe to your pages. If you don't, one-time visitors may never see your content again.

In general, the best way to ask for followers without coming across as too salesy is to first provide content that entertains or informs the audience. These kinds of posts could include photography tips, editing advice or even just blog posts or articles that might appeal to your target demographic. Visitors are far more likely to respond favorably to your requests if you give them something they want first.

4. Create Multiple Links: Even with all the time web users spend on social media, you'll only get the maximum amount of social traffic by encouraging people to visit your pages. Your main website should display prominent, visual links to your Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest board and whatever other social sites you use. These links should not only appear on pages that advertise your photo kiosks, but on every page of your website. A spot on a banner or side bar is ideal.

Likewise, don't just assume that walk-in customers are going to see your social presence. In addition to the links on your website, advertise your Facebook and Twitter accounts in your actual outlet on posters, window displays and coupons.

5. Offer Web-Only Deals: What's the best way to convince people to visit and re-visit your social media sites? Offer special deals! Everyone likes to save, and small discounts can go a long way in getting likes and followers. Offer percent discounts for people who mention specific deals from Facebook or Twitter, and send out coupons and early-bird specials to people who've subscribed to your pages. Focus these deals on photo printing and related products and services, and you'll have a winning combo for increased revenue from your kiosks.

6. Use Visuals! Finally, since you're trying to promote photo printing, you'll want to use as many visual marketing tools as possible! On Facebook, Pinterest and any other sites that allow you to post pictures, put up plenty of examples of the high-quality prints people can expect from your kiosks. If you know your audience well – which you should! - you can focus these images on their most common interests and needs.

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